Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Week Five of the one room challenge - linking participant

Welcome to week 5 of the One Room Challenge. If you missed the previous weeks you can start here.

I'm making some steady progress now people!
 Here's a few sneakity peek pictures and updates on the room.

Window treatments were installed.

Accessories were chosen

 And consoles were styled

That's huge!

So I thought I'd share...
Random facts about this room
1.This room was done on a VERY tight budget since the entire first floor was renovated and most of the budget went to tearing down walls, moving duct work, demolishing a kitchen and putting in a beautiful new kitchen. What does this prove? don't need to spend thousands of dollars to change the look of a room. You just need totally awesome clients and a very savvy and budget conscious decorator (wink, wink).

2.  For this room I didn't buy one piece of furniture. nada. I reused all of my clients furniture and reupholstered her chairs and added leaves to her table so the furniture would fill out the room.

3. The star of this room you ask??? ---the deep navy walls of course. Paint is the least expensive way to add high drama to a room. Nothing else compares or even comes close. End of story.

4. All photos taken of this room are by Andrew Lam Photography-- thanks Andrew.
You'll have to wait until next week to see it all come together ... if it does (here's hoping)!!!

And feel free to pin anything you like by hovering over the picture or go ahead and share it on facebook. Why not?

Want to see more? Can't get enough ? ... check out these talented folks at Calling it home!

Still want more ---- Check out these lovely ladies!!
 Calling it Home

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dog gone it!

Are you an animal lover? Yep. Me too.
Well-- this just might make your roar  .... ala Katie Perry
Just recovered an ottoman in this little number last week.
Linen with lush black velvet doggies:)
Here's the piece

So fun, right? Love it and so does Georgia the black lab that owns this house. Georgia's also getting some fabulous new Schumacher wallpaper for the foyer that will pair nicely with her new ottoman. Check this out.
Lucky dog!
This entry is going to be black and white awesomeness with accents of gold--so stay tuned!
Also in this same abode in the library (aka boys room).
 We just added this little animal print

Here's what the ottoman looked like before.
Here's the After
 I'd like it paired with a wonderfully vintage chesterfield

Navy walls and these simple, crisp window treatments

What say you???

P.S. Not all of my rooms are navy --- I swear --- but I do love!!!

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Savvy Southern Home
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

One Room Challenge: Week Four

Moving right along to week four. Yikes. Nothing new to report. Sad but true. I'm at a standstill... almost paralyzed on which direction I want to go from here. Ever feel that way? 
Remember my client's room...


Should never have jumped the gun earlier this week to talk about my host and hostess chair makeover which I was so excited about. If you missed my post you can read all about it here.
Chair Before
Chair After

Thought I would have done a lot more this week but no go! I did measure for rugs -- thinking about a neutral seagrass.... thoughts, suggestions, concerns????
So let's concentrate on the positive. The window treatments will be going up next week! That should be HUGE! Nothing finishes a room like window treatments and accessories. 

And they can't come soon enough.
 This console looks so sad and lonely doesn't she?
Not for long:)

Oh and you need to check out the rest of this party here!

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Monday, October 21, 2013

What a difference a little awning fabric can make ...

If you follow my blog or the One Room Challenge you know that I'm renovating a client's entire first floor.
I'm not going to spoil the entire week four update but I had to share this itty bitty chair makeover. Because it's simply stunning and the chairs arrived today!

Before Picture of chair


Now here's the after
Now that's a crazy good makeover. This chair used to sit in some corner of their house --not no mo'!
These chairs will be used as host and hostess chairs for their breakfast table --nobody is puttin' these babies in the corner. They're simply just too good.
Do you know what's even better?
They're covered in awning fabric. You can bleach them and wash them with soap and water and for kicks stick them outside during a hurricane and they'll look like you just bought them yesterday.
When I decorate rooms I ALWAYS take into consideration who lives in them and these cool cats have four busy kids with tons of friends -- these chairs are INDESTRUCTIBLE. They will look as crisp and clean five years from now as they do today.
Here's some other fun stuff going on in this reno...
And even more...
Can't decide if I'm going to style the shelves in all white plates as seen here.
or with this funky new collection from Crate and Barrel.

What do you think -- all white or incorporate the blue?? Of course will get rid of the grandmomish-looking white plates.
Feedback please!!

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One Room Challenge: Week Three

If you missed my other posts click below.
 Before I spill the beans on week three I have to give a BIG shout out to Andrew Lam who popped over and took these pictures today. He was soooo nice to take time out of his busy day to do this for me. And he totally nailed it! Thanks Andrew!!
Also I have to thank my client who has let me take pictures and pop in whenever I feel like it and a special thanks to the contractors who (let's face it) did all of the real hard work here, so...
Okay, onto week three--the kitchen is almost finished. Complete with white shaker style cabinetry, marble counter tops, black island with marble counter tops, a cozy window seat and a whole lot more.
The magic is really in the transformation. Doesn't even resemble the previous kitchen! Let's revisit the before...
Now here's the after... you might want to sit down for this.
Whaaaat????????? Here's more...
Looks even better than I imagined. Can't wait for all of the finishing touches:)
And onto the eating area  -- not much progress here. You can see where the navy and white striped chairs are going-- or maybe by the fireplace? haven't really decided yet.
Speaking of the striped chairs... here's a sneak peek. I can barely contain my excitement!!

Crazy bold! Too bold?? Hell to the no!
Thanks for reading!
Next week I'm gonna share the good, the bad and the ugly of this first floor reno. So keep tuning in!!
Pop on over to Calling it Home to see the other participants and their fabulous progress!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Things I'm all about this week...

Faux de Gournay wallpaper...
I can't tell you how many clients and friends have inquired about this exquisite wallpaper.

Sadly, the paper can cost around $1,000 per panel.... until now! Check out my friend Andrea's blog the The Glam Pad to see how you can achieve this look without the hefty price tag.  She's found a source for a look alike de Gournay paper... and bonus!! Andrea is participating in the One Room Challenge so follow along as  she decorates her powder room with this gorg wallpaper!

Here's Andrea's version

Soooooo pretty!!
Okay onto keeping it a little more realz....
Crypton Fabrics

Crypton fabrics (which have been around for a long time) are now exploding onto the scene (well at least on my scene). I have been decorating a lot of homes with large messy puppies and young, sports-playing, finger-painting, fun and fabulous kids.
You can not destroy this fabric people!!! Want to re-upholster an outdated piece of furniture but afraid your kids will trash it the next day? Go on ...give this fabric a chance you will not be disappointed:) 
Speaking of outdated furniture ....
The Centsational Girl wrote this article on how to get the best results when spray painting furniture. I totally trust this chick... she's painted a lot furniture in her time!
Fall Coats
UGGGGGHHHHH... I never know what coat/sweater/jacket to wear at this time of year. I'm always cold but can't fathom sporting my winter coat even though I really really want to...
Here's a few of my solutions...

Jcrew - don't like how they styled this girl???

If I can't be a vegan at least my jacket can be...

Vegan leather jacket

More winter than fall but I thought this was fun.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I'm open!
Thanks for reading xoxo!!
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