Friday, July 25, 2014

It's been a pillow kind of week...

Delivered these beauties on Monday
Along with the pale blue animal print with chocolate trim
Duralee animal print
Last but not least these hot pink velvet ones trimmed in a pale silver

Duralee velvet

These chairs were delivered to a client in such a pretty pale blue

A window installation went down like this


And I fell in love with these CR Laine swivel chairs

And I'm so excited I may be using this lacquer strie Phillip Jeffries wall covering in a new client's home!
Design by Bradley Stevens
There you have it!
Thanks for reading!! xoxo


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wanted: Wallpaper

My Phillip Jeffries rep just left and it was a wonderful reminder of all the fabulous textured wall coverings made by this company.
Here's a peek at some of my favorites
Mad for Plaid
It's Greek to Me.... Love the orange colorway
Great for a girl's room
I look at this and I think Beach House.
All of these wall coverings are handcrafted, not machine-made.
To take another look or learn more you can check out the Phillip Jeffries website.
Some other goodies I spied this week...
A stunner in person
And talk about purple crush
That's all folks. Thanks for reading!! xoxo

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

House of Turquoise Guest Post

Hey People! I'm guest posting over at the House of Turquoise.  Check me out here!
And make sure you poke around a bit. Erin's blog is filled with beautiful pictures:)
Thanks for reading!! xoxo

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Scenes from Spain

I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful country of Spain this summer. Here's a few highlights...

Beautiful iron work on the balconies

  Architecture by Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona. Very different from the rest of European architecture.
They say it's the origin of the word "gawdy"  ...
 you decide.

A cathedral currently under construction in Barcelona to be completed in 2020. Construction started when Gaudi was alive.

Personally - I loved his work.
ooops how did that slip in there?
This bottle came from a beautiful winery that was opened for business in the 16th century and is still operating today!
There are three Guggenheim museums in the world ...Venice, New York and Bilboa, Spain.
Here are some pictures I took of the outside (no pics inside)
In case you were wondering what stainless steel tulips look like.
A puppy made of gorgeous flowers? Yep, they had too!
And what I admire most about Spain as a decorator - the vivid colors and patterns found everywhere.
Are you still awake? Good for you! Nothing like looking at other people's vacation pictures to make you want to take a snooze:)
 So, bare with me for one last group shot in Barcelona in front of the W Barcelona. A must go for a drink and a bite to eat!
I'm the one in the tribal shorts and black sweater.
And would never have had such a great time if not for this group:)
Thanks for reading!! XOXO
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