Wednesday, April 29, 2015

One Room Callenge: Week Five

Just a couple of images from week five.  Getting down to the wire and here's what happened this week...

Draperies installed
Draperies Loom Décor
Trim M and J Trimmimgs

Accessories were purchased

Mark and Grahm

Finish this week....

Install sconces

Hang art


Install mirror

Bungalow 5

Style bed 

Custom headboard
fabric Loom Decor

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

One Room Challenge: Week Four

Coming down the stretch and moving right along.
This week I'm sending out my daughter's lucite bench

to be recovered in this Alan Campbell fabric.
I'm deciding between two fabrics for her desk
This one by Caitlin Wilson
This one from ROMO

Thoughts, suggestions?
I LOVE everything from ROMO but that grey background in CW's fabric is just killing me.
And my sconces will be coming any day for above my daughter's headboard so she can do some late night studying...
I fell in love with these sconces when I used them about a year ago for a client here.

That's it for now...
 Thanks for popping in again this week!
But before you leave check out what everyone else is up to
And don't forget to checkout the linking participants tomorrow!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

One Room Challenge: Week 3

Thanks for stopping in again to see my slow but steady progress for my daughter's room. You can read more about my plan here and here.
So this week a few goodies arrived like this desk.

This gorgeous headboard was just delivered from my work room. The linen fabric is from Loom Décor.
This beautiful and super cool color block bedskirt is also from Loom Decor! They fabricated it and I selected the fabric from their website.
 If your looking for beautiful fabrics and custom duvets, draperies, etc. you NEED to check this website out!!
and This AMAZING Gabriella mirror from Bungalow 5!
Next up figuring out a fabric to recover this chair with and use as my daughter's desk chair...
That's it for this week hope to have more for you next week:)  Fingers crossed!!
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Friday, April 10, 2015

One Room Challenge: Week Two

Welcome back!!
Just to recap I'm working on sprucing up my daughter's room.
You can check out my design plan here.

Not only am I upping the style ante but I'm improving the function of my daughter's space.

She's in middle school now and gone are the days of toys, dollhouses and arts and crafts. She's spending more time studying in her room and hanging out with her friends. This room should carry her through until she leaves for college someday (OMG did I just say that out loud?).
She also plays a lot of sports and is a bit of a fashionista. One of the struggles we've had is keeping her organized. Keeping track of school uniforms, sports pinnies, lax socks, basketball sneakers, shin guards, etc. you get my drift.

So we've had her closet done professionally to improve function.

So here's her new closet...


Exciting, right? Not so much I know but it will improve the function of her room:)
Tips for closet organization especially for your young child/pre-teen/teen, etc.
1) Include drawers --- you can NEVER have enough drawer space. Forget a closet full of open shelving your kids will NEVER ever keep their clothes stacked and folded neatly. never. ever. And if you think they will hang their clothes up? HA! laughable ... at least in my case.
2) Forgo the in-closet hamper your kids will never open the closet door and pull open the hamper and drop in their dirty clothes. Never -- too many steps. How do I know? Because I've made that mistake before. My kids do best with a laundry basket with an open top even then .... questionable.
3) Include shelves for shoes. They can keep out of season shoes/boots in that spot.

4)Make sure most of the hanging space is a "double hang". You won't need much space for long items.

Speaking of closets here's one of my favorite scenes from Sex in the City

Here's the link

I thought I'd throw in a sneak peek of the other side of the room too!

Now check out week two below ...

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

One Room Challenge: Week One

If it's your first time here welcome!
Thanks for popping over to see what I'm up to during this six week challenge.

I'm so very thankful to Linda at Calling It Home for asking me to be an official participant in the One Room Challenge this Spring.
I'll be honest the ORC has been the best incentive for me to complete a room in my own home. I tend to procrastinate when it comes to making decisions for my own house.

In my last ORC I refreshed our dining room.  You can check out the details here.

So my daughter is thrilled that I'm participating this time around because it's her room I'm going to tackle.
Here's what it looks like now
Ralph Lauren pink and toile custom bedding and draperies
Original nursery furniture
Vintage headboard and footboard
Extremely messy closet
Don't get me wrong I love the bedroom and I was crazy about this pink and white Ralph Lauren toile. But I installed the curtains and duvet over 10 years ago when my daughter was a baby and she's 11 now and begging for a change.
So for her 11th birthday I'm gonna make it happen. She wants the toile out. She wants lavender and blue in and the room to function a lot better since her room is on the small side.
I totally got this.
The Plan:
 Whenever approaching a room to decorate you need to start with a full plan and budget before you begin.
Like they say "If you fail to plan then plan to fail".

To improve function of the space:
A new desk for studying
Closet organizer
Task Lighting

To improve style:
New modern headboard
New bedding
New draperies
New accessories

Here's what I'm including in my design plan

This mirror

Bungalow 5

This wallpaper

 This fabric

Quadrille/Alan Campbell
This bench


And from the ORC sponsors

This linen from Loom Décor

Fog Loom Décor

This art from Minted

Land of Plenty

And this desk from Wayfair

By setting a strict budget and
we're consigning old furniture, clothing and using birthday money to pay for the new stuff ...  my girl's gotta understand the value of a dollar!
And don't forget to come back next Wednesday to see what I'm going to do with these beauties...

And you MUST take a look at the other extremely talented one-room challengers...
You need to check out their rooms here:





P.S. This challenge is not a contest it's just for fun-- there are no judges or prizes and no one wins ... well in this case my daughter would consider herself the winner!

Thanks for reading!! xoxo
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