Monday, February 24, 2014

A mini makeover thanks to the Pink Pagoda and what I'd buy at Target

But first...pillows delivered. 
Not sure if the client likes the pillows... but the cat?
She's in love.
You can read about these...
This is what the sofa looked like before the pillows and rug arrived.
I know -- wrong angle gotta get better at the before's

New rug and new pillows made a huge difference. New window treatments and tables coming soon... stay tuned!!

One more look at the After

Moving on...
We all don't have thousands of dollars to reinvent a space  but we can add impact and refresh a room on a small budget ... you just need to know how:)
Case in point. Remember this post regarding these art pieces?
prints available at the Pink Pagoda
 If not you can read it here.
I kinda left you hangin'.

Well I went back to the client's house today and the art was hung and it left me speechless.
The art really brightened up the whole side of the room... don't cha think?


This wall went from ehhh ...
To the focal point of the whole room. Am so happy with it. Now all we need are window treatments!
Same house. Same day.
Different room.
All I did was add artwork to refresh this bedroom.
Didn't have time to hang it but it's gonna look fab!
Bedroom Before
Bedroom After

I just added the prints. The client had the pillows and chairs on hand.
Looks great right? So inviting now....
You can buy the elephant prints at the Pink Pagoda too.
Love that Jennifer... she totally hooked me up!
In keeping with the budget-minded theme I went to Target on Sunday. I didn't buy anything but if I was going to--
 I would have picked up these pieces
Not bad, right? Gotta love that Target!!
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Slowly moving along

I have a few updates I wanted to share.

 Here are pillows ready for delivery.

FABULOUS! I know. Can't stand it.
The fabric is Kravet and only available to the trade.
They look soooo gooooood.
I hate to see them leave me:( 
I mean they look incredible in my living room.
They are just the perfect pop!
Maybe I'll tell my client they dropped out of my car and got all nasty from the slushy mess. 
I'm also dropping off this rug sample from Company C. Great rug for anyone looking for a gray patterned carpet.

I just had these framed and will deliver them next week. They're  a part of a mini-bedroom- refresh. I won't forget to share the pictures next week after I hang them.
Elephant prints available here at the Pink Pagoda for only $35 a print!
And what about all of that black trim? Well it's been painted out. Waiting for furniture that will arrive in early March.
That is one hellava TV!!

Painting out the windows on both sides has really helped the TV blend in (said no one ever)...

Just kidding LW!!

To be continued ....

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Original artwork as Inspiration

Working with two new extremely stylish clients...
In both designs I'm using artwork as our inspiration. Artwork is a perfect place to start when you want to redesign a room or when you are starting a design from scratch.
Our inspiration for the first, fun and casual family room is
You can't possibly go wrong with CHANEL.
Am I right or am I right?
Here's the design board I'm using as the jumping off point...
Pink and orange -- it's gonna be fun, funky and full of color:)
Here's our fabric scheme...
Moving onto stylish client #2...
 This piece really knocked my socks off.
This picture doesn't even do it justice. The colors are so vivid in person.
I'm working on the fabric and furniture scheme as we speak which I will pull from the above piece and the other pieces in this client's art collection.
I'm lucky to be using both a vintage Baker dining room table and chairs (you can see a sneakity peek of the chairs in the above picture) as well as fresh new Baker pieces.
By the way, this client's home was built in 1760 and has so much character and charm. Including this fabulous stone wall detail...
And check out the woodwork on this fireplace...
Love combining antique with modern.
Can't wait to see this come together.
Moving on to the TOTALLY RANDOM...
 Two things that I know to be true...
This is never more true than on snow days!

Have you seen the new LEGO movie?
 It's AWESOME, I mean everything is awesome!
Here's some crazy awesome stuff made out of LEGO's.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Totally random

Thought I'd open with this...

Okay ....

I just want this winter over with.
I want my normal routine back.
Feel the same way?

Let's move on, shall we?

Kitchen chairs. Done.

I'll tell you what -- vinyl is indestructible and perfect for young kids.

A new line of rugs from Caitlin Wilson


You can buy the rugs here.  

For the love of lavender
Ain't she perfect?
via pinterest

Looking to light up your life?
Check this round up from Abby M. Interiors

You can read all about it here.

Olympic styles throughout the years...
(I know I was really bored)

Check it out here. So cool.

Thanks for reading!! xoxo

Thursday, February 6, 2014

New client project ... and we have black trim thank you very much!

Okay I'm pretending the electricity will be coming back on any minute now (those of you who live in the suburbs of philly know what I'm talking about) but to distract me I have
 an awesome new client with incredible taste that I'd like to share with you.

We are starting phase one of our design plan for her living room.
This house is a magnificent and grand old tudor with lots of charm, character, spacious rooms and most importantly... an amazing family.

The design star of this room will be the high-gloss black painted trim. LOVE.
You can see the old, unpainted wood on the fireplace in the below picture. And the freshly painted high gloss black door to the right of the fireplace (shun your eyes if you hate to see wood painted)
Don't you love??? So rich and glam.

Here's the other side of the room...

How gorgeous are those windows? Original to the home:)

Like all design projects it's still going to be awhile before this room is finished but we did order the main pieces of furniture so we hope to be finished this room in three months --- I know, I know. ughh. But the design process can be loooooong --- but also tons of fun at the same time!! I'll keep you posted.

Looking for a good magazine to read while either waiting for your electricity to come on or relax by the fire?

The latest issue of Matchbook Magazine is available. You can read it here!

I am signing off for now... dreaming of....

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Stay warm and safe all!!
Thanks for reading!! xoxo
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