Sunday, February 16, 2014

Original artwork as Inspiration

Working with two new extremely stylish clients...
In both designs I'm using artwork as our inspiration. Artwork is a perfect place to start when you want to redesign a room or when you are starting a design from scratch.
Our inspiration for the first, fun and casual family room is
You can't possibly go wrong with CHANEL.
Am I right or am I right?
Here's the design board I'm using as the jumping off point...
Pink and orange -- it's gonna be fun, funky and full of color:)
Here's our fabric scheme...
Moving onto stylish client #2...
 This piece really knocked my socks off.
This picture doesn't even do it justice. The colors are so vivid in person.
I'm working on the fabric and furniture scheme as we speak which I will pull from the above piece and the other pieces in this client's art collection.
I'm lucky to be using both a vintage Baker dining room table and chairs (you can see a sneakity peek of the chairs in the above picture) as well as fresh new Baker pieces.
By the way, this client's home was built in 1760 and has so much character and charm. Including this fabulous stone wall detail...
And check out the woodwork on this fireplace...
Love combining antique with modern.
Can't wait to see this come together.
Moving on to the TOTALLY RANDOM...
 Two things that I know to be true...
This is never more true than on snow days!

Have you seen the new LEGO movie?
 It's AWESOME, I mean everything is awesome!
Here's some crazy awesome stuff made out of LEGO's.

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Thanks for reading!! XOXO

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  1. Love the quotes! That art is so fantastic. Did you say who the artist is? We are huge lego fans over here. Did not see the movie, but we build stuff all the time.

  2. Linda - I don't have the artists name but I could find out for you... they are original and are so great in person! LOVE lego - always have. always will - you would love movie great for adutlts!

  3. My daughter has an original black and white print Ad form Chanel with the bottle, I love this bold artwork here, and the pops of orange are great!

  4. Fabulous inspiration board, I love the colors!! And that fireplace is gorgeous! This house it going to be amazing!

    The Glam Pad

  5. Loving the pink and orange color scheme. Great art is always inspirational!!

  6. What fun art work...I also love the pink and orange combo!

  7. Love where you are going with this client!

  8. I love that you built the room colours around that Chanel painting such a great idea. A piece of art can really transform a room. I have 2 abstract canvases above my couch with gold/bronze in them and I've slowly been adding gold frames to the wall, a bronze side table, all these decor pieces that really compliment the artworks. My friends always say they would never of thought of putting all these things together, but they dont reallise Iv just grabbed colours from the art works and thats why they go so well together :)


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