Thursday, February 20, 2014

Slowly moving along

I have a few updates I wanted to share.

 Here are pillows ready for delivery.

FABULOUS! I know. Can't stand it.
The fabric is Kravet and only available to the trade.
They look soooo gooooood.
I hate to see them leave me:( 
I mean they look incredible in my living room.
They are just the perfect pop!
Maybe I'll tell my client they dropped out of my car and got all nasty from the slushy mess. 
I'm also dropping off this rug sample from Company C. Great rug for anyone looking for a gray patterned carpet.

I just had these framed and will deliver them next week. They're  a part of a mini-bedroom- refresh. I won't forget to share the pictures next week after I hang them.
Elephant prints available here at the Pink Pagoda for only $35 a print!
And what about all of that black trim? Well it's been painted out. Waiting for furniture that will arrive in early March.
That is one hellava TV!!

Painting out the windows on both sides has really helped the TV blend in (said no one ever)...

Just kidding LW!!

To be continued ....


  1. The black trim looks so amazing and yes, I'd be totally working on some good excuses to find a way to keep those amazing pillows!

  2. I am super excited to see this house come together, Stephanie! Everything is pure perfection! Love the pillows and the print from The Pink Pagoda!

    The Glam Pad

  3. I would have a hard time letting go of that pillow, too.

  4. The pillow is fabulous! Got to love a good Kravet fabric!! and the black ... rock on sista! xo

  5. Wow love the black trim and that pillow is gorgeous!


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