Friday, January 31, 2014

Chair envy

Love these chairs that have arrived in a client's house -- we still need to finish the TV and fireplace molding... but it's gonna be gooooood.
I have to admit I have a chronic case of chair envy. But can you blame me? look at these chairs... sitting there so fresh and crisp in navy and white.

Found this lovely oomph navy coffee table for another client.

Who knew coffee tables like to build pyramids when were not paying attention?
the table I chose is the bottom right navy table!

Love this rug by Dash and Albert

I'm considering it for a kitchen I'm styling. Love the color combo!

Saw this baby announcement on pinterest. Clever, right?

Dry skin? Me too!!
Works miracles in this cold weather.

Sharing at the pink pagoda today! Go check out the blue and white bash here!!

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A bit of an update

Now I took the plunge and painted my playroom a dark gray... my intention is to turn it into more of a loungey room so I need all new furniture and accessories but take a look at how dramatic this little room is now.... what a showoff she is!


Perhaps new x benches in a rich velvet?? Or do I save the velvet for the sofa??
The only thing that is staying is the leopard ottoman.
I'm gonna have fun with this!
I'm auditioning accessories, art  and fabrics now. You should see my fabric and accessories room ... they are so nervous. I mean they are freaking out dying to know if they'll make the cut.
Here are some audition pictures....
(got the word "audition" from Sherry at Design Indulgence and I likey)
This is gonna be a long process..... I hope their nerves withstand it!
And don't even get me started on the sofa...
Or something more modern?
Have a great day!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's going down .... I'm yelling timber! and a few fabric schemes you may want to pin!

I. Am. Done.With. Snow. Days. You?
Okay I've been forced to lock myself in my office for a few hours  to avoid the WWE smackdown that was going down in my family room yesterday... no wifi, no x-box, no on-demand. Can you imagine my pain?
So I started obsessing over my favorite thing in the world.
I then came up with several insta-rooms... you know ... just like the editorial piece they do in House Beautiful every month?
Here's my lame attempt at this using just what I had in my office.
Here we go...
Not a Huge fan but if I were
Color of the year .... Radiant orchid
More my speed... navy and green
(I'm already rolling with this one for a client)

Orange and Pink
Because I'm obsessed with Manual Canovas
I would definitely add a thin stripe to this mix.
Because this says spring to me...
Needs a good apple green solid added to the mix!
So there you have it ... pin away!
oh, one last thing here's what's going down at my house today.  Here's a sneak peek:)

I finally bit the bullet.
Thanks for reading!! xoxo

Friday, January 10, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things

I've had this little number for years and I can't stress enough how perfect it is to wear during cold, rainy or snowy days when all you want to be is both comfy and stylish

You can buy it here.
(looks like the dress sold out - send the shop owner Emily an email ... she may be able to whip one up!)
Leaving the house? Throw on your fancy boots:)

Designing a bedroom for a sassy little gal who just started walking!! I'm thinking about framing a pretty little paper dress ....
Killer, right? you can find it here.
Ordered two of these storage ottomans for a client today with
 brass nailheads.

Ballard Designs

They're a perfect size and super stylish to pull up next to your coffee table  for extra seating!

Just ordered one of my all time favorite wallcoverings for a client today.
What a great wallpaper for a powder room.
How chic is she gonna be checking her lipstick surrounded by this?

It's the little red dress of powder rooms:)
Can't figure out what to do with those messy, disturbingly mis-matched bookshelves?

Well, buy yourself some coordinating wrapping paper and start re-covering your books ... old school style.
 via pinterest

Yep, that just happened.

Last but not least I will leave you with the most loveliest of images.

 You can thank me next time.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend everyone! xoxo

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Artwork and snakeskin

Short post today ... been fighting an awful sinus infection.
But I thought I'd share this fab art grouping just waiting to be hung at a client's house.

A closer look

Framed and matted them myself. Yep -- I  even surprised myself on how awesome they look.
They're going to hang out on this wall. 

Bold with just a touch of glam. What's not to love?
 They're just gonna kill it up there.
Interested in these these prints? I sourced them at the Pink Pagada. I first saw them in Linda's family room from Calling it Home!
Another lucky client with three small kids will be getting their kitchen chairs covered in this skin.
Yep. that's snakeskin. But it's a vinyl and it's super cool in person with white wood chairs. I die.
I can't think of a more chic fabric to sit on while dining, well maybe I could ... but not covered in go-gurt and ice cream that will just wipe right off.
Interested in this fabric? contact me...
Thanks for reading! xoxo

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year, chair lust and budget-friendly decor

Happy New Year! Hope your holidays were both fun and fabulous. Back to reality today and I'll have to admit I'm sooo ready.
Everyone's sharing their New Year's resolutions so I thought I'd weigh in here. Why not? Bare with me. I only have two:) and then we'll get to some decorating stuff.
My first resolution..
 Pay more attention to the important things in life.
Years ago when I was working as a publisher of a magazine I was in NYC and was rushing to meet my boss across a crowded  hotel lobby. I was running late for a very important meeting.
As I reached my boss he had a big smile on his face and said "Do you realize that you literally just bumped into Nelson Mandela"?
Whaaat? As I was racing across the lobby I bumped into an older gentlemen and stopped to say sorry and we made some small talk. And I went on my merry little way.
I had no idea I had just rubbed up against greatness.
I turned around and stared across the lobby. My boss was right. It wasn't until I stepped back and took in the whole scene did I realize what was going on. It was a life lesson. Sometimes we need to step back and survey the whole situation to realize what's important in life. (I have been thinking about this moment a lot since his passing).
Okay, onto number two --- more concrete and way less impressive.

Try to eat vegan-ish.

You are what you eat. End of story. I've been vegan in the past and I'm telling you I never felt better when I ate better. Eating real, unprocessed food gives you more energy and helps you think more clearly. If think clearer and have more energy,  you have more time to notice the important things in life. See the connection??:)
Okay, moving onto a MUCH lighter subject.

Current room obsession. It's the color I'm in love with.

Feel free to discuss.
Have I shared with you that I have a full-on serious chair addiction?

My current chair loves include the below. I have access to them for very reasonable prices and am jumping at the bit to place them!! Anyone, anyone?

 Thoughts????? Do you love as much as I do???
 Last but not least...
Stylish for both your home and your wallet.
Lands End Bedding

I would buy the duvet only and zhush it up with:
 White shams with navy trim, add a large fancy monogram and call it a day for a simple clean look...
 Possibly Schumacher's chaing mai pillow or a rich velvet in an emerald green or hot pink... oh the possibilities!
I don't know but this could be fun!

Land End

Stumped on how to freshen up a room inexpensively....
Here's a hint .... black and white looks chic in ANY room.
Trust me on this.
 $10 ikea

Texture = absolute must.

Faux sheepskin pillow

Land of Nod

Table lamp from Land of Nod - yes you can add "children's items" to your grown up rooms!

Land of Nod

Thanks for reading!!! XOXO
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