Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year, chair lust and budget-friendly decor

Happy New Year! Hope your holidays were both fun and fabulous. Back to reality today and I'll have to admit I'm sooo ready.
Everyone's sharing their New Year's resolutions so I thought I'd weigh in here. Why not? Bare with me. I only have two:) and then we'll get to some decorating stuff.
My first resolution..
 Pay more attention to the important things in life.
Years ago when I was working as a publisher of a magazine I was in NYC and was rushing to meet my boss across a crowded  hotel lobby. I was running late for a very important meeting.
As I reached my boss he had a big smile on his face and said "Do you realize that you literally just bumped into Nelson Mandela"?
Whaaat? As I was racing across the lobby I bumped into an older gentlemen and stopped to say sorry and we made some small talk. And I went on my merry little way.
I had no idea I had just rubbed up against greatness.
I turned around and stared across the lobby. My boss was right. It wasn't until I stepped back and took in the whole scene did I realize what was going on. It was a life lesson. Sometimes we need to step back and survey the whole situation to realize what's important in life. (I have been thinking about this moment a lot since his passing).
Okay, onto number two --- more concrete and way less impressive.

Try to eat vegan-ish.

You are what you eat. End of story. I've been vegan in the past and I'm telling you I never felt better when I ate better. Eating real, unprocessed food gives you more energy and helps you think more clearly. If think clearer and have more energy,  you have more time to notice the important things in life. See the connection??:)
Okay, moving onto a MUCH lighter subject.

Current room obsession. It's the color I'm in love with.

Feel free to discuss.
Have I shared with you that I have a full-on serious chair addiction?

My current chair loves include the below. I have access to them for very reasonable prices and am jumping at the bit to place them!! Anyone, anyone?

 Thoughts????? Do you love as much as I do???
 Last but not least...
Stylish for both your home and your wallet.
Lands End Bedding

I would buy the duvet only and zhush it up with:
 White shams with navy trim, add a large fancy monogram and call it a day for a simple clean look...
 Possibly Schumacher's chaing mai pillow or a rich velvet in an emerald green or hot pink... oh the possibilities!
I don't know but this could be fun!

Land End

Stumped on how to freshen up a room inexpensively....
Here's a hint .... black and white looks chic in ANY room.
Trust me on this.
 $10 ikea

Texture = absolute must.

Faux sheepskin pillow

Land of Nod

Table lamp from Land of Nod - yes you can add "children's items" to your grown up rooms!

Land of Nod

Thanks for reading!!! XOXO


  1. Love your goals for the year! Mind if I add them to my list?
    And the green chairs...LOVES. I am obsessed with that color.
    And that first chair, cant remember the name of the fabric right now (not enough coffee yet) but the one with the birds? Holy they come in navy or green?

  2. I too will try the vegan is thing again! Love the chairs! Happy New Year !

  3. Happy 2014, Stephanie!! Wonderful resolutions!! I could never go Vegan (this Texan loves steak too much), but I have resolved to cooking more organic, healthy, unprocessed meals at home this year. So much of the junk put in (and on) food is just down right scary... and you are right, you are what you eat!

    The Glam Pad

  4. Those are great resolutions. Especially the first. I definitely need to live in the present a bit more than I do. Also, love those chairs. Happy New Year!

  5. Love your resolutions. Don't know that I could ever do the vegan thing (although I should!) but definitely am going to try to focus on what's important in 2014. And heck do I ever love those chairs. I have a chair obsession too - our movers told me that in their years of moving they've never come across someone who has as many chairs as us (and that was before I bought a new set of kitchen chairs after moving in....) :-)

  6. I admire you for taking the vegan approach. I love a good steak! All of the chairs are amazing - I think my favorite is the first one. Happy 2014!!!

  7. You are making me laugh out loud! I am so loving that duvet! I am buying this weekend! Happy new year to you! I look forward to seeing what you bring to 2014!

  8. I have somewhat of a chair obsession too...loving the hide, and who knew Land's End had such great it!!


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