Saturday, December 28, 2013

How to make your storage stylish!

Merry Christmas to you and your family... I hope everyone had a fun-filled and safe holiday!
Back to biz over here. Although I LOVE Christmas the amount of stuff my family accumulates in one single day is both silly and sinful at the same time.

The days after a holiday and in particular Christmas has me asking how am I ever going to get back to neutral? It's a crazy disorganized mess over here. And I'll be honest I like my churches gothic, my wine red and my house somewhat organized.
So I thought maybe there are some others out there who feel the same way so I thought I'd gather a few stylish storage options out there for us who want to get it together before the new year hits us:)

And actually whether you celebrate Christmas or not the new year is a good time to get organized. Am I right? 

So after you do the

Take note of what you have left to put away and
you'll need to buy some of these for storage

Serena and lilly
serena and lilly
Baskets of Africa


Best way to increase storage space? Go up!
So you will most likely need ....SHELVING

My fave - the IKEA Expedit
If you 've never used --- you must. Here is what they look like

Here's how you can make them stylish  and functional...


To quote the Beastie Boys... She's crafty...
On it's side used as a window seat .... I would add a cushion of course:)
As a part of your kitchen banquette
And I'm pretty sure you can get this whole look at IKEA
 Need some ideas on how to store all of those decorations? You can read this post here from Organize and Decorate Everything.
Last but not least you may want to read this pretty awesome article with some great organizational tips.

You can read it here

P.S. My Christmas purge this year may include a call to 1 800 got-junk.  Anyone ever use this service before?? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading!! xoxo




  1. Hi Stephanie! You and I are kindred spirits -- my house has already been undecorated and Christmas stuff is put away. I'm busy trying to redesign our mudroom because I hate the way it looks and I need more storage! And, yes, I've used 1-800-Junk before. They are a little pricey. After that, I did some research on my local dump yard -- and the next time I needed to dump stuff, I did it myself. It's actually an eye-opener of disgusting waste and not a pretty place to go (don't go alone fyi!).

  2. I have Expedit shelving all over my house. Seriously, it's an obsession. Love the stuff!
    I think I've used 1-800-junk in the past but have had better luck going through Angie's List for good recommendations.
    I'm with you on the whole purging thing, by the way. I'll need an 18 wheeler to haul away all the stuff in my house right now. It's crazy!
    Happy New Year, friend!! :)

  3. Love this post. Very inspiring with some great eye candy and ideas too! Happy New Year!


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