Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Hills are Alive!

The December issue of Matchbook Magazine has arrived!
You can read it here.

Set your DVR!
I'm so excited to watch the Live version of the Sound of Music with Carrie Underwood tonight at 8 pm on NBC. It's like my fave movie of all time.
Now I can't imagine anyone else in that role other than Julie Andrews but ever since Carrie U sang that song about keying the side of her ex's souped up four wheel-drive-- I kinda like her.
How bout you?
Here's a sneak peak
Wait. Check out the fabric on the costumes below. I die. And at the same time want to recover my kitchen chairs in it!

The fabric kind of reminds me of these quirky shoes by Tory Burch, no? 


Speaking of Tory Burch .....
I'm liking these tops for holiday parties.


In keeping with the all-black color theme ... I'm loving this room I saw on Aubusson Home's facebook page designed by Dallas Shaw with this infamous Scalamandre wall covering.

Black trim -- I'm dying to do this somewhere.

Are you BOLD enough to go black?


All images via pinterest

I say go for it... but one point I do want to make from my experience is that if your walls are not in perfect condition DO NOT PAINT them a dark color.

Dark colors tend to show every imperfection. Instead choose a dark wallpaper for a cleaner, crisper look. Need a suggestion on that just email me!
Thanks for reading!! xoxo


  1. So if I wasn't convince before, now I know that we would hit it off fabulously in "real life" - Sound of Music is one of my all time favorites. Pretty much have every word memorized. And I love black rooms but have been too chicken to do it. I'm thinking about it for the office in our new house because there is not a lot of wall space and there is a ton of white trim so I think it may work. Will see...

  2. Okay I am ashamed to admit this but I've never seen the Sound of Music. Gasp! I think I will set my dvr and watch this version.
    I'm slowly painting all our rooms white and lightening things up in my home but I strangely want to do maybe one room not black but a really dark gray. Love those images above.

  3. Those black rooms are divine! So dramatic, stylish, and neutral in a way. I love how everything pops against black. Fabulous!

  4. Caught a little bit of the Sound of Music last night. Love Carrie Underwood.
    Re: black rooms - would love to try it one day. Might take a while to work up the nerve ;)

  5. I LOVE Carrie Underwood... so sad I missed the remake, the Sound of Music is one of my absolute favorites. And yes, that fabric is fabulous!! I also love black walls... I'm not sure I'm quite daring enough to pull it off, but never say never!

    The Glam Pad

  6. Oh shoot...I missed the show. Good tip about needing perfect walls for black or dark paint.

  7. Loved the Sound of Music ... sang the whole night!! Loving the black ... would love to give it a try! xo

  8. I'm late to comment. I missed the remake but I heard the acting was bad. What did you think? I think it's one of those movies that should never be remade because the first was perfect. Anyway, love the black wall but I'm way to chicken to try it...and my walls are over a hundred yrs old and therefore not even approaching perfect.


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