Monday, December 16, 2013

My dog broke my computer, black trimmings and client updates

And we're back.
 I went radio silent for a bit last week because my 70 pound golden doodle was lounging on the sofa next to my computer and stretched his legs and BAM! Computer hit the floor smashing my screen. 

Oh well, luckily the screen was covered by a two-year warranty I have absolutely no recollection of purchasing but must pat myself on the back for having the foresight to do so. I really do surprise myself sometimes:)

Anyhoo, I've got lots to get too...
 I know I should be obsessing over holiday decorating and gift-giving.

 But I'm not.  

So I thought I'd share my current obsession ...  black trimmings and I'm not talking for the tree.

All images via pinterest

I know I've touched upon this subject in my last post.

 But I'm thinking a  great way to dabble in this rich and glam black paint thang is to start with one room and paint out the windows (they have to be wood with wood inserts), french door or trim in one room and see what you think. Like we learned in kindergarten just a dab will do.

But, I'll betcha a million dollars you'll love it. I know it's scary but it's just paint, right? I'd love for you to take the plunge in your own home and send me pictures of your project. I have a few clients who are almost convinced!!! Hoping to share their progress in the new year.

Speaking of clients....

I've got a big WOW factor planned for this big, empty indigo blue wall!
I first saw this artwork on Calling it Home's blog and have been dreaming about using it ever since.

Four of these babies on either side of the window.


You can buy these prints or other fabulous ones from the amazingly talented Jennifer at the Pink Pagoda's etsy shop hereOnce they're
 hung I'll share!

One last client update .... You know I 've been singing the praises of Crypton fabric for clients who have small children, muddy dogs and messy husbands.

I just went to check on the progress of a family room where we covered two chairs in a greyish linen crypton fabric and there has been red wine,  baby spit-up and messy, grimy snack-filled hands all over these chairs and guess what???

They look brand new!!

Here's a looksie. Now we 're doing some MAJOR construction in this room so I won't share the whole room pics yet but here's a sneak peek.

Here's the awesome crypton chairs -- do you see that drink table in between from Bliss studio?? 


It's a fabulous, sturdy and stylish brass table for those of you with small kids. It's heavy and won't tip over like a garden seat and wont break like a glass table yet it's stylish funky and modern!

The yellow paint will be replaced with


Benjamin Moore's Chelsea grey - a deep rich grey paint. Who knows we might even go crazy and paint the trim the same color in high gloss. If not we're going with a crisp white!!

We are installing built-ins on either side of a window painted white or grey with this sconce above the shelves.

These sconces will go on either side of the fireplace in brass.
This Flush mount will light up the ceiling
All available from Circa Lighting.

This ikat fabric will make an appearance by way of a few pillows mixed in with some grey leopard ones.

Beacon Hill

And the fabric to the far right will serve as trim on the neutral curtains.

This table in a dark rich wood

restoration hardware

And this classic sofa

will be paired with these ottomans.

Thoughts, questions, concerns??

I think I may want to move in after I get finished with this space.

Want help getting this look for your home or need some of that crypton fabric in your house?? Shoot me an email!

Thanks for reading!!! XOXO
Happy Shopping and Decorating and when your done please come by and do my house!!


  1. I love black accent color and for all the doors - gives any room the wow factor!! Can't wait to see the room you're doing - love the accent table from fun!!

  2. Wonderful pieces! I love it all! :)

    Feel free to visit my blog as well! You will find topics such as beauty, health, NYC fashion, personal growth and motivation between others! <3

    New Outfit Post: A Colorful Cold Day

  3. such a good post packed with so much!! love all the black trim for me!! and I love jennifer's prints....amazing...they will look so good there...and love that gray paint you have planned. What a plan! Can't wait to see the reveal!

  4. The black trim is so pretty. I'm not sure I could convince my husband though. I need to get some crypton fabric in my life though, stat.

  5. I'm soooo tempted to do black trim in our kitchen when we renovate next year. I think I may now be convinced. Keep ya posted ;)

  6. Stephanie ... I am on board with the black trim!! Hoping to use it soon!! xo

  7. love the black too! great inspirational images. it makes me wish for different windows.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your computer!! Now I must see this sneaky Goldendoodle... sounds like he would get along with Marilyn Monroe, our platinum blonde Labradoodle! :) I too love black paint, but have not been brave enough to pull the trigger... Can't wait to see what you do! And I cannot wait to see amazing Jennifer's gorgeous prints in your client's home!! She is so talented!!

    The Glam Pad

  9. Dang dog:) I'm like you…I usually buy the insurance and am so happy when I need it! This room is going to be as fabulous as they come!!

  10. Oh yeah…need to check out that Crypton fabric!

  11. Cant wait to see your design....that fabric looks amazing and I love the black accented windows!

  12. um. amaze. d. this is gonna be SOOOOOOOOOOO great


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