Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's going down .... I'm yelling timber! and a few fabric schemes you may want to pin!

I. Am. Done.With. Snow. Days. You?
Okay I've been forced to lock myself in my office for a few hours  to avoid the WWE smackdown that was going down in my family room yesterday... no wifi, no x-box, no on-demand. Can you imagine my pain?
So I started obsessing over my favorite thing in the world.
I then came up with several insta-rooms... you know ... just like the editorial piece they do in House Beautiful every month?
Here's my lame attempt at this using just what I had in my office.
Here we go...
Not a Huge fan but if I were
Color of the year .... Radiant orchid
More my speed... navy and green
(I'm already rolling with this one for a client)

Orange and Pink
Because I'm obsessed with Manual Canovas
I would definitely add a thin stripe to this mix.
Because this says spring to me...
Needs a good apple green solid added to the mix!
So there you have it ... pin away!
oh, one last thing here's what's going down at my house today.  Here's a sneak peek:)

I finally bit the bullet.
Thanks for reading!! xoxo


  1. So glad i'm not the only one with an adverse reaction to the radiant orchid! Blech! Love the fabric scheme despite the color tho ;) They are all really good, the blue and green has got to be my fave too, it's just timeless.

  2. Absolutely love the gray and gloss gray in dining room!!!Not a fan of orchid but I love the fabrics you chose!!! I have that orange velvet geometric pillows on two chairs in my dining room.. on my post today..funny!Love the blog!

  3. It's been a lonnnnnng winter, that's for sure!!! Weather like this makes me want to go move to FL. Fabulous selections there. And look what you are up to!!!!! Can't wait for the reveal.
    Stay warm

  4. that tease is so not fair! I'm dying to see more...looking forward to it!

  5. Great scenarios ! Could you share what the navy/green/turquoise print is in photo #2 LOVE it !

  6. These are really pretty color combos. I've been looking for some inspiration for my office/craft room.

  7. Playing around with fabrics is my therapy too (but you have sooo many more than me!). And wow - your room is looking amazing. Can't wait to hear about what color you used and see how it all turns out!

  8. what a tease! can't wait to see more. The fabric selections are great!

  9. I love the gray walls and the glossy trim! I need to paint this winter, but haven't found the time yet! But its a great uplifting thing to do when you can't get outside much... I think! Fun fabrics! xo Nancy

  10. Love your gray board. Would you mind sharing the info on the ikat fabric-gray, cream and camel? Just gorgeous!


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