Monday, February 24, 2014

A mini makeover thanks to the Pink Pagoda and what I'd buy at Target

But first...pillows delivered. 
Not sure if the client likes the pillows... but the cat?
She's in love.
You can read about these...
This is what the sofa looked like before the pillows and rug arrived.
I know -- wrong angle gotta get better at the before's

New rug and new pillows made a huge difference. New window treatments and tables coming soon... stay tuned!!

One more look at the After

Moving on...
We all don't have thousands of dollars to reinvent a space  but we can add impact and refresh a room on a small budget ... you just need to know how:)
Case in point. Remember this post regarding these art pieces?
prints available at the Pink Pagoda
 If not you can read it here.
I kinda left you hangin'.

Well I went back to the client's house today and the art was hung and it left me speechless.
The art really brightened up the whole side of the room... don't cha think?


This wall went from ehhh ...
To the focal point of the whole room. Am so happy with it. Now all we need are window treatments!
Same house. Same day.
Different room.
All I did was add artwork to refresh this bedroom.
Didn't have time to hang it but it's gonna look fab!
Bedroom Before
Bedroom After

I just added the prints. The client had the pillows and chairs on hand.
Looks great right? So inviting now....
You can buy the elephant prints at the Pink Pagoda too.
Love that Jennifer... she totally hooked me up!
In keeping with the budget-minded theme I went to Target on Sunday. I didn't buy anything but if I was going to--
 I would have picked up these pieces
Not bad, right? Gotta love that Target!!
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Participating in the link party over at Savvy Southern Style!!


  1. Stephanie, I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you're doing with my prints! So FUN for me to get to see them in your fantastic rooms -- thank you so much for using them!!

  2. Those prints do make a huge difference in the room - love them! And I'm loving Target lately too - those poufs are so much fun!

  3. Such a fun post! Love the mirror frames on Jennifer's prints! And the bedroom is fun! xo

  4. Love how these rooms prove the point that with pillows and prints you can transform a room! Especially loving the mirrored frames--wow! :)

  5. Yeah, Target is full of a lot of temptations these days! And everything Jennifer does is great! I like what you chose :D

  6. What a difference pillows and a rug make! That art on the blue walls is so fabulous! Thanks for your sweet comment today Stephanie--it really inspires us to blog with comments like that. xo Nancy

  7. I love the pillows!! What a great punch of personality! Oh and my library linkn I screwed up I thought it was the first day of ORC, so I deleted my post so I wouldnt take away form the previous challengers! THe paint was High gloss oil in Vanburen Brown- Benjamin Moore, done with a very low nap roller, sanded between 3 coats. I love it too! Thanks!

  8. You gotta love Target! Great the pillows and the pictures from the Pink Pagoda...

  9. Oh. My. Goodness!!! Everything is soooo beautiful, Stephanie!!! Jennifer's prints look AMAZING in these rooms, and those mirrored frames!! May I ask where you found them? LOVE!!!

    The Glam Pad

  10. Ooooh those pillows are so fun and springy. LOVE them, and love seeing your projects come together! Are you not on Instagram? I can't find you on there and your shopping expeditions definitely need to be Instagrammed :)

  11. At first glance, I thought the cat was part of the design. Good thing you mentioned it immediately, so I don’t have to ask you where you bought it. Anyway, overall design - the new window treatments, wall paint color, and even the smallest accessories you added look very lovely. No wonder the cat become comfortable on them. And for sure, the owner will love it as well. Thanks for sharing.



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