Saturday, September 14, 2013

Client sneak peek, thoughtful friends and oh the pressure!

If you follow me on facebook you've seen the first few images below of a client master bedroom that we are close to finishing.

Now I wish you could see the before shots of this bedroom but of course I can't seem to find them anywhere on my computer. So let's all close our eyes and picture a room full of yellow pine matchy-matchy furniture,  yellowy-beige walls topped off with a red oriental rug.

Got it? Good.

Now open your eyes and gaze below:)

Furniture painted high gloss navy with brass hardware

Mirror Joss and Main

Walls were painted a pale gray

Now the window treatments need to be finished, pillows need to be added and it needs to be styled a bit but I'm loving the whole look.

But my favorite part of the room?

This map was framed and given to my client for her birthday by a group of amazing friends and so this became the inspiration for the entire room. How thoughtful and special is that? By the way, Corea is a tiny town in Maine where my client's family has been vacationing for like evah!

So stay tuned there will be more to come!

In other news...

Is anyone else feeling the pressure to add a colorful sofa to their living space? Like these?

By the way this one stopped me in my tracks!

all images via pinterest
How fun would that be???
Thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. What a great bedroom where you are going.

  2. Hi, Stephanie -
    Fabulous! The room looks so crisp and stylish. I love the bamboo mirror - dramatic yet elegant. I will have to check out Corea. Tom and I spend a lot of time in Maine - from the south up to Downeast. We are heading there next week again.

  3. That bedroom is great Love the map, and anytime a client has something meaningful as a part of their decor that can spark inspiration!

    House Envy

  4. Oh, my goodness! this bedroom is GORGEOUS!! The navy and white is so elegant and dramatic, and I too love the map! Excellent job!!

    The Glam Pad

  5. What a statement that mirror makes! Oh yes, I'm smitten with those colorful sofas. too!

  6. Love every single thing in that room Stephanie! Do you know where her friends got the map? I've been looking for something similar without any luck!

  7. I love that nautical map, what a great jumping off point for the bedroom! I can totally image the before with the pine furniture and red - that was so popular a while back. Your client must be thrilled - the bedroom came out great!

  8. Beautiful the navy blue and white...great job!

  9. Loving the bedroom so far and I love the colorful sofa. No pressure.

  10. I love what you are doing with the bedroom. It looks great! I especially love the map as the inspiration piece! The colorful couches are fun; I am especially loving the room with the Bob Collins & Sons wallpaper!


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