Friday, November 15, 2013

Design bits and pieces!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments regarding my one room challenge breakfast room. If you have no idea what I'm referring to you can go here.
So the other day I walked into a client's house and in her garage I spy this.

Ballard Designs
Now I have seen these in entries and mudrooms but in the garage?Genius!

It's perfect for all of us who don't have a functional mudroom but have a garage that leads into your home --- you can buy this one from Ballard Designs and place in your garage and catch all sporting equipment, heavy coats, muddy shoes and smelly cleat's before they enter your home.

Hot for Hardware?
I am!

I'm using this version on built-ins with antique-mirrored backed shelves ... can you even stand it?


Yep, it's Sweater Weather

Even a sofa or chair needs a cozy warm sweater ...

Click here.... courtesy of the Pink Pagoda throws for under $100.

Last but not least loving these...

CB 2 and under $15!! wow~

Thanks for reading!! xoxo



  1. The mudroom lockers in the garage are so perfect…..none of the mud and muck comes into the house! Isn't it funny how mudrooms have become the must-have room in today's homes? I couldn't live without mine :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend, Stephanie!

  2. Love the CB2 bowls and the hardware! Great finds!

  3. Love the CB2 bowls!! Fantastic!! Happy Sunday!! xo


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