Thursday, October 9, 2014

One Room Challenge: Week Two

Pathetic Progress

Here's what happened this week
Yikes. Not good.
But here's some forward progress
I think I've settled on the right shade of silk and trim for window treatments.
I've spent a lot of time and measuring and re-measuring for these window coverings. I do a lot of measuring ... walk away.. re-measure. make a prototype. Measure again. My brain is fried with this window project....but I think it'll be worth it in the end! It's basically the star of the room:) 
That's all I've got. Like I said pathetic. Now do yourself a favor and go check out these talented people who have made more progress than I could even dream of... here!



  1. A few setbacks...but I know things will turn around:) Love the fabric for the drapes!

  2. Setbacks happen...believe me I know:) On a happier note, that fabric combo is gorgeous!!!

  3. Amazing fabric combination!! But, oh dear -- the mirror : (

    Next week will be better!

  4. Oh no!!! But I love the fabric and trim. You got this! :)

  5. Love the fabric, crying over the mirror. And I was just about to say....ok, I still am , totally jealous over that mirror frame. Stunning.

  6. I seriously don't feel I got anything done this week, either. So sorry about the mirror. :( but the fabric and trim look great! Excited to see more.

  7. Oh dang! That mirror is so gorgeous, and those silk window treatments will be amazing!


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