Thursday, January 22, 2015

Living fashionably in college! A client after...

 So I recently finished up a dorm apartment for a Temple University student. 

 It was such an amazing project! 

 It also tested my skills on how to provide a fun space on a VERY tight budget:)

I kept thinking throughout this process if my room looked like this in college would I have studied more?? Probably no.

Quality of pics are so poor.... sorry:( 



Such a cute doggie!!!
That's all for now...Thanks for reading!! xoxo
ooops!  forgot one more thing-- the start of something fabulous for a nursery...


  1. What a great space for a college student! Even though you were on a tight budget, the special details (trim on the window treatment and pillows, colorful art) give it an upscale look. Nice work! Elle

  2. makes me want to go back to college! love this space!

  3. I think every college student would want to have something like that as a pad. By the way, thanks for giving value to tertiary education in that way, and encouraging people to take that step, or at least implanting that suggestion in their minds. That is always helpful. I believe money shouldn't be a stumbling block in any of those, because there are various ways to gain financial back-up whenever you may need one. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Carlton Mclaughlin @ The Financial Solutions Network


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