Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nailed it!

I have a slight addiction to nail heads... okay maybe it's full on.
But seriously look at these pieces...




Take the nail heads off ?


Nail heads ... they'll take your furniture from ordinary to spectacular!

NEW (to me) ARTIST LOVE xoxo

Check out the work of Monica Nask here.

Have an equestrian in your life?

Or how about this beautiful abstract?

 This piece would totally take your neutral room from drab to fab in a flash!

And Monica's series of  charcoal sketches ??? uh-mazing.
These would look great incorporated into a gallery wall.

If you would like more information on the beautiful work of Monica Nask contact her at monica_nask@yahoo.com

Need help refreshing your home?
contact me at kraussteph@yahoo.com

Thanks for reading!! xoxo


  1. I'm a bi fan a well! To me they elevate a ho hum piece of furniture to fabulousness!!

  2. Nail head rocks ~ I love nail head around a wrapped canvas.

  3. Nail heads - love them. Great way to take an ordinary piece to extraordinary.

  4. Totally agree - there's hardly a piece of furniture out there that doesn't look better with nail heads!

  5. I know sometimes I can get a little carried away with them... I also like my nail heads small ... not the big ones!

  6. I so agree! Nail heads are such a tiny detail but can totally transform a piece.

  7. I so agree and share your addiction! I recently recovered a bench in green velvet with nailheads the size of quarters and it is delicious! Even the upholsterer who was a doubting Thomas agreed.

  8. I agree ... Nailheads just add another necessary level of layering. Making everything pop!! xo

  9. Yes, I love nailheads! I think they look so 'finished'. Cheers!

  10. Im wild about nailheads, too. Love the new artist intro! Thanks, and yes, I have an equestrian in our house, but love the painting!
    xo Nancy

  11. I love nailheads too...especially if the fabric or leather doesn't have too much pattern so they show off!


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