Sunday, August 25, 2013

Things I'm all about this week...

Linda over at Calling it Home found an Etsy shop who sells floor plans of famous TV shows. How fun would this be framed  in your closet?

Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment

Even the coolest designers make mistakes. Check out Emily Henderson's mistake room here. You would never know it by  looking at the finished space below!

Now here's something I can really get into ... the "no makeup" makeup look. You can watch the how to video from Maskcara here. LOVE this.

Maybe you can tear your girls away from their rainbow loom for a bit to make this?

A diy barrette from the M & J Trim blog. A super easy project for my daughter to do check it out here.

My color combo for fall
Emerald green and leopard... who's gonna let me design their space with this combo??? anyone?????
 I'm thinking this emerald green grasscloth
Paired with lots of these
On instagram?
Looking to follow some peeps other than your kids and a few hip friends?
Try these top 10 instagrammers to follow from the Camille Styles blog.
Be in the know.
Last but certainly not least, the eternal song of the summer debate.
My vote? Blurred Lines.... yours?
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  1. I'm with you on the emerald and leopard. I have an emerald velvet sofa that is destined to get leopard pillows~!

  2. Love this post!! That is so cool about the floor plans and I've been dreaming of green in my front room!!! Maybe some leopard!!

  3. I love your fall color combo--green grasscloth and those pillows. I die for leopard. The Robin Thicke song is so weirdly catchy, but I can't really get over that his dad is Dr. Seaver from Growing Pains... :)

  4. Great the leopard and emerald...and your right things do go wrong sometimes...

  5. Carrie's apt: so cool!! I miss that show. Love the emerald green with the leopard.


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