Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'm feelin' blue... navy blue that is!

I've been gettin' my navy on lately ... 
Here are some of my FAVE navy/navy-ish fabrics



China Seas

Trina Turk for
You know why else I love navy?

It gets along fabulously with so many colors like...

Navy and Pink

Navy and Orange

Navy and Green

Navy and Yellow

Navy and Coral

Navy and Red

Really navy?... even lavender???

C'mon navy now your messin' with my head ..
Navy and Black???

What's your favorite navy combination??
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  1. Navy is my favorite color. I have bits in the house, but I gravitate towards it when shopping for clothes.

    1. LOVING navy -- it looks great in every room... although I don't have in my house... crazy, huh?

  2. I LOVE them all... to me Navy is a neutral so it goes with everything! I do like the navy and black too!

  3. I love navy too Stephanie - it's one of the few colors that I never tire of and I love how it works with almost any color. My current favorite is navy and green - I think I'm going with that color combo for our guest room.

  4. The perfect color for summer. Also think navy and stripes are made for each other

  5. Great all these combos and fabrics...

  6. I think we are on the same wavelength this week... I literally spent all day yesterday looking at blue and white fabric for our family room! And I'm trying to decide between blue, white, and coral for our guest room, or blue, white, and yellow... Decisions, decisions!!

    The Glam Pad


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