Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A before and an "almost" after of a client living room!

Blue and white vs. Red and Gold... thoughts?
Sharing this post at the Pink Pagoda Blue and white bash -- join me here.

We have been working on this space for quite some time now and we're still not finished but I thought I'd share anyway.
What the heck?

The feeling we were going for is a very casual living room (not stuffy or fancy) where this family of six can hang out and watch TV, do homework and have family game night!

Here is the ALMOST done:

Here are the Befores:
Get ready for some red and gold people!
(sorry pics are blurry)


My kids snuck in here.... such hams!!

Here are the almost Afters:
 Pics are a bit blurry and some random furniture still remain)



Here's one last before:

And After:

What's left you ask?

Artwork/mirrors for next to fireplace

Fireplace needs to still be painted

Side tables
Bungalow 5

Rug for layering


Serena and lily
Or that...

Dash and Albert

Whattcha think so far???

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  1. Very nice. Love the blue and white chairs!

  2. Red & gold. Been there! LOL!
    This is a nice, fresh, AFTER.
    Are the window treatments custom? They make a big difference in the room.

  3. I LOVE the striped chairs and those greek key trimmed panels!! The room has such nice pops of color you may not even need a layered rug! I love the pink one its so much fun!!
    Great job here!!

  4. Oh my gosh - the before - it's the family room of me and everyone I know about 10 years ago. Gold walls….red accents…a bit of sage green perhaps. You have completely refreshed the space and I love how clean, modern but comfortable the design is. Those chairs!!!!!!! Love. Good heavens you are good. Lucky client!

  5. LOVE.IT.ALL! seriously. bet your client is happy happy happy.

  6. looks really great so far. i'd go with the pink rug - it adds a little color surprise!

  7. Wonderful transformation...I love the wide stripe fabric on the chairs....great job!

  8. Your clients must be so thrilled!! I love how bright and beautiful it all looks!

  9. The striped chairs, blue & white ottomans, Chinese ginger jars, and greek key trimmed curtains...perfect combination! (I've had my eye on those chairs for awhile now!) Elle

  10. Stephanie, this is really gorgeous!! Love your combination of prints and the stylish but comfortable vibe!

  11. this is the first thumbnail that caught my eye among all the beautiful blue & white party-ers. it is fantastic. (and serena & lily can do no wrong)!


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