Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A mini bar makeover

I know I went radio silent for awhile --I was on vaca in Florida. But due to client work, kids, sports, and family life in general I will probably be blogging a bit less for now on so you must follow me on instagram. I'm all over that. It's quick and easy.

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So my client and I started out here with this innocent looking built-in.


The client wanted to turn it into a bar for entertaining purposes and I always think a bar is good idea ... no matter what the circumstance:)
So here's what we ended up with.
The styling needs to be touched up a bit. The alcohol needs to be added (obvs).
But I think it says HELLO! Sit down and have a cocktail with me!
We painted the built in high gloss black and added new gold knobs. We also added some Schumacher wallpaper for a bold statement.
We need to add more  barware and sculptural elements but so far so good!
Do you have a space in your home that you can snazz up? Go for it!
Have a great day!!
Thanks for reading!


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