Monday, April 14, 2014

Four things under $30 that changed my life and more client progress on client's neutral, dark gray room...

I hate to iron. In fact I NEVER iron.
 I hate to look wrinkled even more.
My Little Steamer


 I use it for all my clothes and to steam wrinkles out of draperies.
Does it work,  you ask?
Like a charm.
Bobby Brown's
Pot Rouge Lips and Cheeks
in Pale Pink 11
bobbi brown
Looks a lot like clown makeup but looks so natural on!
Best. Hairspray. Ever
$14.99 available at drugstores everywhere

Lavender Vanilla oil post shower.
European women treat themselves to crèmes and oils and really take care of their skin. When I use the oil I feel kinda worldly and exotic. And it smells so good and I swear it relaxes me!!:) Hence the name SLEEP.
And just a dab will do!

 Bath and Body works

Okay so the construction is complete on my client's room. Fireplace, built-ins, lighting, and bar hardware and counter top installed. But we still have a looooong way to go.

The feel of this room is traditional with a few modern yet sophisticated touches. All fabrics and upholstery are either leather, crypton,  sunbrella or coated because they have 3 small, beautiful kids under the age of 7.

 I stopped in today so I thought I would show you the latest and greatest!
And show you where it all started.

And of course in typical fashion these are crappy iphone pictures.

Bar area BEFORE


Cabinet was painted high gloss white. Marble counter top and brass hardware was added.
Walls were painted Chelsea grey by Ben Moore.

Oh and the baby seat? by GRACO.
I swear this client has the cutest sweetest kids ever.... just like her:)

Fireplace BEFORE

Fireplace Now

Plank Board was added and westport sconces by Circa Lighting.
I kept the remote control in there cause I'm keepin it real!

Sofa area Before


Built-ins were added along with really cool sconces also from Circa Lighting.

Now don't you worry your pretty little heads. These shelves are not styled yet -- sometimes I bring stuff from my house to give a client an idea of how we're going to style the shelves before I actually go shopping.

AND... she's hosting Easter so she will have some stuff to occupy the shelves:)

Chesterfield and coffee table both found at RH outlet


So we need to style the shelves and add a few finishing touches but the best part to be added will be these amazing window treatments... this is our inspiration!

It's gonna be awesome!!

I'm just so happy this amazing family is back in their room enjoying it after some serious construction. I can't wait for them to celebrate Easter with their family and relax and enjoy their new space!!
Thanks for reading xoxo!!
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  1. Wow, I love that pic above the mantle.


  2. Wow, your client's room is looking great. I love the window treatment. I'm sure you'll do something more tailored, but I just DIY'd a roller shade with grosgrain in a greek key. It actually turned out really nicely. Oh, and I need that steamer!

  3. Okay, I just bought that steamer! The one I have now is too big and drops water everywhere.. And your clients home is already looking so gorgeous.. My favorite is the addition of the bookshelves..

  4. You sold me on the steamer! I'm sure it will come in handy when working at clients' houses. I know I commented on your Instagram pics already, but I'll say it the redesigned fireplace...the planking and sconces are fabulous, as is the art. And the built-ins look great with the sconces above. You have a great eye! Elle

  5. I can't live without my clothes steamer either - love it! And your client's space is looking amazing - the changes to the fireplace and the added bookcases make such a dramatic difference! Can't wait to see the new window treatments - totally loving your inspiration pic!

  6. It all looks amazing, Stephanie! I love the grey wall color, and that fireplace remodel!!!!!! The planking, lights, corbels, and trim around the fireplace box are all so perfectly understated and classy, I love it all. The new leather couch and coffee table are gorgeous. This is basically my dream room. Lucky clients!! I hope they are enjoying it.

  7. All looks so good great room!! I love a steamer as well!

  8. Can I use that steamer on my face?! Just kidding. Sort of. Your client's room looks amazing!!! I am in love with the sconces!

  9. I wonder if that steamer would work on clothes? Love the changes Stephanie especially the bookcases behind the sofa!

  10. Hey, Stephanie...I linked to this post today...I want the hand held steamer!!

  11. This clothes Steamer from Bizarkdeal is an awesome device to keep around and use to clean anything you can think of in your house! It truly is professional quality steaming too and is very simple to use. Just fill it up and make sure it's plugged in and you're ready to go...couldn't be any easier. I've used it on a ton of different clothes so far and all the curtains in my house...they have come out better than I could have expected. Very happy with this! Make sure you get one as soon as you can. A+


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