Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My first post ... Hello? ... Anyone? ... Bueller, Bueller?

I used to be a magazine publisher so this should be super easy to write, right? Guess what .... it turns out I'm pretty rusty after ten years (ok, more like twelve years).

So I promise to post a lot of stunning pictures, design resources and helpful tips and tricks that I've learned along the way.

The goal for my design firm and this blog is to use what we have to make our homes more beautiful and functional. And buy new only when we need to freshen up or modernize our space. So let's get started with the below example shall we?

Here is dining room "set" in question. I've had it for-evah. Want a new one. Not gonna happen -- so let's try and freshen up the space around it with new accessories and wallpaper.
Here is the before...
And the after....

Same dining set with chairs reupholstered in blue velvet and orange piping. The fabric came from my local fabric store Aubusson Home

Lamps came from the guest room. The lamp bases used to be green (I think) and I spray painted them high gloss white. The old dining room lamps you ask? now live in my husband's office in the basement.

The chandelier and sconces used to be a lovely shade of builders grade brass that too was painted white. I swear I'll paint anything that doesn't move.

Same Restoration Hardware curtains just tied back (it's been so long curtains discontinued). Sometimes I tame them back and sometimes I just let them flow depending on my mood:)

The brown wood mirror from the old dining room now resides in my oldest son's room.

In my next post if you are still reading this or even dare to come back we'll chat about the three new elements I added chairs, mirror and wallpaper. More glorious pictures to come...

If you like what you see contact me at Together we will make it work!


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