Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Design Work

Oh good, you're back! Remember this situation?

Let's circle back to the new elements. In every design I try my best to re-purpose, reuse and recycle but there are times when you need to add a new element or two to finish off a room.

I have L O V E D this  hummingbird and vine pattern since it appeared here in elle decor June 2010.

Had to have it. It's by Cole & Son and you can find it here.

I chose the wallpaper because my chairs were mostly hard surface wood-based. Not enough impact and I wanted to surround myself in this wallpaper. Every time I pass it by it just makes me smile -- it's so cheery and the birds? well, they're just so happy. Afraid of wallpaper? Not a problem. Frame it. As done here in an office designed by Vanessa De Vergas.  

Trust me you will love it.

The new head chairs were found for an absolute steal at the Restoration Hardware outlet. I could not pass them by. And that's all I'll say about that. Well, I'll also say they're so versatile these chairs can go just about anywhere in my home which in my book is a justifiable purchase.


Mirror. There was a time I was obsessed with Trumeau mirrors. Now not so much but I still think they are so beautiful.  It looked like this at one point. Kinda drab, no?

So guess what? Yep, you nailed it, I painted that mirror. And here it is in its all its glorious frenchy self. Mirror was purchased right here LOCAL at Domicile

I've received a few emails regarding the orange and green floral arrangement that appears in practically every picture.

That arrangement is like my own elf on the shelf I move him around practically every night from room to room. Why? because I adore that arrangement. It may be time for a new bowl/vessel but for now I'm making it work. I had this piece designed by the amazing LOCAL floral designers at Valley Forge Flowers about eight years ago and it is still in fabulous shape.

Ok, I know you are all on pins and needles waiting to hear the focus of my next post. Next time we'll discuss ... BUYING LOCAL!!! And I'm not talking produce here people.

If you like what you see email me at and we will make your home beautiful together!

P.S. Hope to see all you locals tonight at the St. Katharine of Siena Fashion Show at Overbrook Golf Club starting at 6:30 pm or for the shopping event going on all day today.

Fashions by another amazing LOCAL boutique Skirt.  It's just a great way to kick off the spring shopping season! 

Until next time...

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