Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Three Indestructible Design Elements You Can't Live Without!

Now there are way more than three that I use but I thought this was a good jumping off point and a great way for you to come back and read more posts. If you have kids age 4 or 40, or kids of the cute and furry variety this post is for you!

Natural Fiber Rugs

There are so many fun choices for area rugs these days, but I still love natural fiber rugs.  These rugs add texture, are durable, and rarely compete with anything else in a room. Also, I may have a slight addiction to layering a smaller geometric, shag or over-dyed rug on top, under a coffee table, or on an angle to add an extra layer of oomph. 

After ten years of experimenting with everything from jute to sisal to seagrass. I have decided the half-panama seagrass is my fiber of choice. 

It's super easy to clean and has a very neutral look. I use seagrass under my kitchen table so it has to be custom made and extremely durable. 

I buy my custom seagrass rugs at Natural Area Rugs which you can buy here. They are reasonably priced and are quick to ship. Because of the low price point, if the rug gets destroyed I never get the guilts about replacing it. Don't like the texture of these fiber rugs? They also carry wool versions.

And by the way, if you are still coveting the diamond pattern Stark natural fiber rug Pottery Barn is now carrying this rug. You can buy it here.

I beg of you, before you make a decision on natural fiber rugs I highly recommend you read this article here by Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home. This is the most thorough article I have ever seen on the subject. Ever. And as a bonus she is an amazing designer. 

Indoor/Outdoor Fabric

I use indoor/outdoor fabrics for high traffic areas in my house. Why you ask?
Do you know this guy?
I can't seem to shake him.  He has a keen sense of knowing when his older siblings leave a sharpie laying around. Did you know sharpies come in this shade of aubergine? Neither did I until I saw it all over his head.  In addition, he graffitied all over my newly upholstered leopard ottoman. 

It's a good thing that ottoman was covered in an indoor/outdoor fabric or else someone would have been in time-out for a really long time and not sucking on a lollipop (see above)  like he doesn't have sharpie all over his face.

Incident number two:
My entryway chair is covered in 100% silk fabric. It was BEAUTIFUL until someone who shall remain nameless came in and placed their wet boots and coat on my chair. Gulp. That was the end of that. RIP beautiful chair.

Let me stop and share something with you here ... these are just possessions and there are much bigger problems in life so I don't freak out that much about these types of things. I just try to avoid any possible heart pumping incidents.

Indoor/outdoor fabrics come in so many different styles, textures and patterns now. What's great about these fabrics? You can clean them with mild detergent and water (each manufacturer will have their own instructions). 

The mother of all indoor/outdoor fabrics is Sunbrella.

Lily Pulitzer which can be bought here at Aubusson Home.

Trina Turk for Schumacher is another company that carries these durable fabrics as well. If you look around you will find one that can work for your project.



Abstract Art

Abstracts are my new obsession. I love art and really feel that art makes your home special and meaningful. 

Art is many different things to many different people. Whether its a flea market treasure, home goods find, a large blown up picture of your child, a painting your grandfather did or a commissioned piece from a local or nationally know artist. Art is the cherry on top of your sundae. Your house just isn't complete without it. 
I love abstracts because many of the rooms I decorate are filled with traditional pieces and I believe you need to go a little crazy sometimes and mix it up. I love the juxtaposition of traditional with modern, shiny with distressed, and antique with contemporary for that matter. It's so important in my opinion to vary your design elements. But, if you don't trust me check out some of these lovelies. 


Honey Collins Interiors
Jamie Meares from Lonny Magazine
Lucy Williams Interiors
And by the way if a sharpie makes its way onto one of these pieces... frankly, who the heck would notice? Hence, indestructible.

OK , Now Onto Totally Random Stuff

Heading to NYC soon for the weekend with a girlfriend of mine. We are staying in the village know, where all the girls are like 7ft tall, looking all modelly and stuff. My friend and I are going to try and look at least 5'4 and dress cool.

Well, this friend of mine gave me a few tips on how to get that natural makeup look and I thought I'd share because I swear they kinda work.

Now, mind you this is not Kardashian type makeup. This is more like Kristen Wiig from Bridesmaids when she wakes up next to John Hamm and says " Oh, I just wake up like this". Remember that line? No? Turn on HBO its probably on...

Have you ever used this stuff?

Horrible name but awesome concealer. You're supposed to put it under your eyes, on your chin, forehead and a line down your nose to "contour". Try it. You can buy it here.

How about this mascara from Clinique?

Works great so natural and NEVER smudges. I LOVE this stuff for everyday. You can buy it here.

One last item from drugstore...

Spray a little on your hands rub on your face and it gives your skin a natural glow. love it. You can buy it at your local drug store. Don't be afraid to use.  You will NOT turn orange. 

Last random item, this image from from Kay Douglas at the Splendid Sass... I am in love.

Oh my God! You're still reading this? good for you .....
If you like what you see contact me at and we will make your home both indestructible and beautiful at the same time!


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