Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eight secrets to choosing the perfect wallpaper

Who isn't loving wallpaper these days?

I'm using it in practically every project I'm working on. I'm talking fun, fabulous, wonderful wallpaper people!

Don't know where to begin on picking the perfect wallpaper?
Here's my top eight tips...

First of all put aside any concerns you have about wallpaper removal. Today's wallpapers are much easier to remove than those from the "olden days".

Who's installing your wallpaper? You'll need to know this so you can get an accurate number of rolls you'll need. This will help determine your budget. Wallpaper can be $$$. Why waste time falling in love with a wallpaper that's too pricey?

Know your colorway. You'll need to take into consideration the adjacent rooms so you know what color wallpaper will work with your existing rooms and color scheme.

Get lots of samples! Don't be afraid ... go on get plenty and live with them for a few days. You'll need to look at how the light changes the look of the wallpaper throughout the day. If your papering the dining room you'll especially want to take note of the light at dinner time.

Where are you going to put the wallpaper? Kids room, bathroom, mudroom? You may want to consider a vinyl wallpaper for these rooms for durability.
Do you want pattern, texture, geometric? Peruse home décor magazines and pinterest for inspiration so you can narrow down the look that you want.

Still not sure? Consider vertical stripes to raise the height of your ceiling. Want to add texture? Consider a pretty grasscloth.
House feel a little stodgy or too traditional? How about a funky, modern geometric. Want to infuse lots of pattern and color? Try a floral, vine or bird pattern. Also, larger patterns will make the most impact in a larger room.

Still afraid to commit? How about buying your favorite wallpaper and backing a bookcase? Or frame it and put it on your wall. That's a great way to dabble in wallpaper without a full on commitment.

Here are some of my faves...

For your little girl who has a passion for horsin' around

For a bedroom
Madeline Weinreb
Katie Ridder

For a guy's room or a powder room with high-gloss white trim

For a faux library look


For an Entry

Imperial trellis - Schumacher

Anna Spiro

Studio Printworks

Meg Braff Interiors

designer Suellen Gregory

For your dressing room

Tanzania Thibaut

For a Dining Room

Phillip Jeffries emerald grasscloth

de Gournay via pinterest

This would look great in a dining room too!

A Fancy Bedroom

 Gracie Wallpaper
A REALLY fancy Laundry Room

 de Gourney via pinterest

So which pattern is your favorite?
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  1. So much great advice and beautiful paper. That Meg Braff one is my favorite.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Linda!! I do love Meg Braff's paper - would look great in an entry. But why do I keep going back to imperial trellis in the trelliage - colorway?? Love!!!

  2. Great post, Stephanie! I'm seriously considering using the David Hicks paper in our powder room next year when we remodel. So glam! Great advice on decision-making too!


  3. Thanks so much Susan! I rally love that David Hicks with white trim everywhere and navy accents. so so glam - would love to see pictures if you go with it!!

  4. Beautiful picks!! I love every single one you chose. And great tips as well! I always loved wallpaper...never stopped loving it even when it was out of style!

    1. Thanks Albertina! Me too -- these are some of my favorite wallpaper picks. I also love love love cole and sons hummingbirds which I just hung in my dining room. Thanks so much for reading!xo


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