Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Looking for a last minute yet thoughtful Mother's Day gift? I'm here to help because I'm the queen of "last minute" gifting!

Here's a few ideas for you ... warning not included:  pretty pictures of handbags, pumps or flower arrangements but I hope you still like my ideas anyway:)

Know Me Journals 


I wrote about them here. These journals include pre-printed questions like ... 
what was your favorite interests/hobbies growing up?
were they nurtured?
how would you describe your childhood bedroom? 
where were you during important moments in history? 

Would be a fun project for you and your kids to share with your mom!

Coffee Table Books

Does your mom have a favorite vacation spot?

Does she have a passion for cooking?


Has she ever wanted to visit where her great-grandmother was born?


Dont' just give her the book include a hand-written letter on the first page either describing your favorite memory growing up or how she has influenced you as both a person and a parent.


Technology Help

Does she have an iPhone or other smart phone device where she takes pictures and doesn't know how/where to print them?

You could buy her this app and show her how to use it. It's super easy to use ... you just select the pictures you want printed from your phone and they show up on your doorstep a few days later!

Charm Bracelet

I'm sure your local jewelry store has a beautiful selection of bracelets and charms. Start her off with a charm most meaningful to her and to you. I received this as a gift from good friends one year and I cherish it and will pass it on to my daughter some day!


Sign up for a class, spa day or movie night together!  You could also include your sisters and aunts in on this one!!

Coming soon... a post on how to style your coffee table ... stay tuned!

See you next time and enjoy mother's day!


  1. Such thoughtful ideas! I got flowers and DVDs...its been a great day. Happy Mother's Day to you!

    1. Mary Ann - thanks for stopping by and reading my post! So grateful!! Glad you had a wonderful mother's day -- right back at you!


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