Friday, May 3, 2013

Ten Things I'm Pondering ... in no particular order!

#1  C Wonder Gold Serving Pieces

I introduced them at a little soiree I was hosting and now I'm addicted! And like us they are much better looking in person. 

C Wonder
They looked so pretty with the gold and white chevron runner and white funky bowls my table was sporting.

paper source



#2 Mothers Day

I'm treating my mom to this beautiful Know Me Journal.

Know Me Journal

My kids are forever peppering my parents with questions like What sports did you play when you were growing up?, Where did you live?, What were my great-grandparents like?  I could go on and on.

So I'm going to arrange a nice sleepover over at the grandparents house (wink, wink) and my mom can answer all of these lovely questions for my kids.

Perfect, right? An oral and written history of my mom's life ... documented memories perfect for all of us to keep and cherish forever.

By the way, these journals are written by an amazingly talented local Wayne woman named Gretchen MacMurry MacKenzie. You can read more about her here. My own words could never do her inspirational story justice. Trust me on this:)

In addition, a portion of all journal sales goes to charity. You can read about that here.

#3 A Caftan 

Too much? Maybe a little too Mrs. Roper?

Looks comfy but I don't know if I could pull it off... probably not.
India Hicks
Lilly Pulitzer
Society Social

#4 Table Lamps




Both Circa
I can't go wrong with either of these beauties can I?

#5   Meal Delivery Service

Too extravagant, right? ...  maybe?

After I wrote the post on moving to a plant-based diet here. I've received several emails from readers recommending Real Food Works in Conshohocken, PA.

You can order as little as 5 meals per week and they offer gluten-free and all natural meals.  Their website says...

"The ingredients in our meals are 100% from-the-earth. Read: if it grows naturally, it's in. If it's made in a factory, it's out."

Kinda Heidi Klumish wouldn't you say?... Natural food in, processed food...YOUR OUT! Aufwiedersehn! (in a German accent with a double kiss --of course).
Definitely something to ponder. Learn more about their meals here.

#6  Spring Cleaning 

I have a confession to make.  I'm absolutely petrified to clean my electronic devices like my camera and computer screens. Does anyone else share that same phobia? Why is that? 

Well, I'm going to take the mystery and fear out of it for all of us. Check out Design Mom's tips for cleaning all things techie here.

#7 Books

These books for my nieces. This first one --- just because it's Audrey. And I love all things Hepburn. A classy friend of mine gave it away as swag at her daughter (Audrey's) birthday party and it was just perfect -- like Audrey herself.

And this adorable book from the same author here.

#8 This Bar Cart

She'd be great for entertaining this summer. All sassy and brassy and holding lots of alcohol. Makes me smile just thinking about it.

Society Social

#9 This Ikat Topper
Two Penny Blue
You can buy it here at Two Penny Blue.  
#10 This Gossip Chair
oomph online
Just because it's cooky and pretty at the same time!

And I mean, really? How would you converse with someone in this chair?

Have a GREAT weekend! If you need to refresh your home for spring and summer shoot me an email at More information on my services above!


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