Friday, May 17, 2013

West Elm Grand Opening!

My love affair with this brand continues.

In case you missed it .... I'll take you on my own personal tour of the West Elm store. The PR people may not have chosen these exact words but I'll do my best interpretation (I did have a few cocktails of course -- please don't judge:)

I could totally see James Bond owning this coffee table. And by owning I mean rockin' it in his bachelor pad.

West Elm has this non-stick cookware that doesn't contain Teflon. Very green. Am definitely getting. I have stainless steel now that's a total biatch to clean.

 Love the art. Although I think I might of made something like this in kindergarten. I'll have to check my files.

This floor lamp would complete me.

And all of these accessories had me at hello.
I light it like that ...

I just can't get enough of terrariums, honestly.  Is it me or is it gettin' hot in here?

 More boxes for table stylin'
But I've saved the best bits for last. I have three completely useless trivia facts about the KOP West Elm store but I find them utterly fascinating. I hope you will too.
So, when West Elm opens a new store in a city they use building materials that are found local in that particular area.  Here are three examples of that from the KOP store:
First fact--
Guess what their register desk is made of?
You'll never guess. I had no idea until a girl shouted from the audience "Bread Pans!".  
At first I thought she said bed pans (they kinda look like old bed pans, no? maybe?) and I'm getting kind of grossed out but then I heard them talking about  rye bread... and I was like ohhhhhh bread pans. I totally see it now.
Anyway the bread pans came from an old bakery that was located in North Philadelphia in the 1930's.
Second fact--

The wood behind the West Elm sign was re purposed from window casings from a decrepit old building on Callowhill Street in Philadelphia.
Third fact--
The wood on the roof of the store's indoor atrium was taken from an old barn in Lancaster and re purposed. Pretty cool, huh?
So get out this weekend and check out the new West Elm store. Don't live near here? check it out online. Love this company, their marketing message and so many of their products!
Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoyed my tour!


  1. I love West Elm's affordability! We finally got one near us a few months ago.

    1. Mary Ann, thanks for stopping by and I know just don't you love West Elms price points and products?

  2. I bet that was a really fun event! I'm looking forward to being able to shop West Elm once we move - there's one dangerously close to our new house :-)


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