Thursday, June 20, 2013

Line 'em up! A great idea for container gardening ...

I don't know about you but when I design my container garden I usually think in pairs. Two planters together with a bunch of colorful flowers or boxwoods.

Entrance at our beach house rental
This year I'm going to create a more elegant feel and use multiples of the same container with the same plant in each. Say what? Check out the below images.

It's almost like creating a living wall or border on a patio or a deck.  This look would also be pretty amazing lined up around a pool or on a porch too. I'll be honest I'm so drawn to this look ... I just love it!




via Proven Winners

The best thing? You don't need fancy or expensive planters.  In fact, I really like containers with clean simple lines for this look because the impact is all in the numbers.

Here's two I have contemplated:

home depot

Thoughts? Do you like this look?? Too simple for you??

In other news...
In my weekend bag -



Did you notice a pattern? Why all jcrew? 30 percent off today of course!!

Oh ...and I found out the secret to making the best homemade lemonade on one of my favorite blogs Design Mom! You should check it out here!

Have a GREAT weekend and thanks for reading!!


  1. I love the look with the planters, and J Crew sales! That bathing suit is fab!

    1. thanks popping over here Carrie! I bought all of that stuff and the fit is fab!

  2. Love those planters and boxwoods....the more the better!
    Your outfit choices are adorable..have a great weekend!
    xo Nancy

  3. Thanks Nancy- I know sometimes more is more and its just better, right? Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I'm loving those Home Depot containers!!

  5. I did boxwoods this year, too ~ I'm loving the simple, classic style! I tried to get that planter at my Home Depot, I could never find enough to go with my plan! :( My mom always makes homemade lemonade like that!

  6. Pam- boxwoods - can't go wrong can you? And just looking at that lemonade makes me thirsty... and weekend is over or else I would add a little kettle one:)


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