Friday, June 7, 2013

Monster Bookcase Restyled Three Ways

Remember this monster of a bookcase?
These built-ins were designed for my client's basement. At first they were planning to build floor to ceiling open shelves and I advised them to add some doors to keep basement clutter like books, toys, blankets, etc. at bay.
 I also suggested they paint the back of the bookcases a pale gray. I had noticed she had a lot of white accent pieces around her house that I thought would pop against the gray.
This most fab client gave me cart blanche to go buy  the accessories to style the piece and a budget. And I was off !!
I had a blast shopping. But, guess what? I didn't have to use a blessed thing. Not one item I purchased. Nada. Nothing.
My client had all of these beautiful things around her house and she kept pulling more stuff out so I never even got the goods out of my car.
We used her things saving her money and since it was so easy for me I styled her bookcases three ways.
Oh no you didn't. Oh yes I did!
This is the first one...
Let's call this bad boy ... The Neutral

Here's the scoop. The chairs were in the clients bedroom (never being used). Greek key pillows were on her chairs in the family room. The circle side table was taken from the family room too and was a Home Goods find. All of the books and accessories were taken from around her house.
Looks a bit better don't you think?
Get a similar look here..
Chairs- Lamps Plus
Greek key pillows - Etsy
You'll have to check in next week to see the other two looks...
1) Why so blue?
2) Holy hell! You used the entire crayola crayon box and it's  cra-cra!
(my personal fave)
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Have a GREAT weekend errbody!


  1. Wow...what a difference. Such a large bookcase, and I love that it feels uncluttered and beautiful. As the biggest fan of neutrals, just love the look!! Happy Friday ~

    1. Thanks! Love it too... I failed to mention that there was nothing in the bottom part of the bookshelves so that's where we stored most of the books. Looks great and it works! thanks for reading!!!

  2. very cute Stephanie, loved your post. New follower here! Thanks for stopping by to visit us.
    xo Nancy

  3. Way to go...and free accessorizing!

  4. Hi, Stephanie - The gray painted back is awesome! I love how fresh, updated and stylish this built-in now looks. And 3 ways? Totally impressed!!!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.


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