Monday, June 3, 2013

What's happening around town...

I've been doing some serious shopping lately. For clients, for client's beach houses, friends, family and myself of course.

Thought I'd share what I found ...
Home Goods
St. David's

Shiny x-benches with black croc seat. I die at $179.

Next onto ...
Wayne PA
This tray was so pretty it pained me not to take him home. I'm seriously in love with it. I visit  him once a week and just stare. He may need a restraining order soon.
Love this fabric. I'm such a sucker for hot pink and orange.

Brass? Check please.
 You stud, you.

Hiya, crabby.

Paoli, PA

We do this in my house ....

 And we do it with this guy...

 Whaddya think? some good stuff, right?
 I'm working with a client on styling her bookcase among other things, She said her husband has taken it over. Not for long:) Stay tuned to see how we transform it! 
If you need your home restyled and refreshed shoot me an email. I'd love to chat!
Have you found anything fabulous in your shopping travels?
Do share!!


  1. I always love the selection at other people's "Homegoods". The one near me never puts out like this one. That tray is stunning!

    1. Linda- I know, don't you have home goods envy when you see what others find? And that tray does slay me. I think I just found a client who wants it!

  2. OK, let me just say that if I lived in PA you and I would be doing a lot of shopping together! :) I bought the same lamp at Home Goods a few weeks ago for my office. They only had one and it had a tiny chip in it. I didn't care. It had to come home. Domicile looks fab too! Can't wait to see the bookcase styled!


    1. Susan you got that right! If you ever make your way here look me up! LOVE that lamp in fact I meant to suggest for office or even desk area in the kitchen that's how I was contemplating using it... you have impeccable taste! Hopefully I will get to bookcase soon... I'm having one of those weeks..!!!!

  3. Wow - you have really been making the shopping rounds! Good luck with the bookcase - hopefully you picked up a few of the little pretties on this post for it!

  4. Kris - I have been. Am revealing the bookcases soon and guess what I didn't use a blessed thing I bought! Didn't need too!


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