Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Design Bits and Pieces and ... ever wonder what it costs to decorate a room?

Aerin Lauder is launching her own Home Décor Line in the Fall!
Here's a sneak peek....

La Dolce Vita Blog

via Quintessence blog
via Quintessence Blog

Can't wait until it launches... considering this is her home office.
Have you ever shown up to work in a ball gown?

Nope? Me either.


A few things I'm working on for clients ....
This Family Room for an e-design client
A study in neutrals...

This wool needlepoint runner for the stairs of another client that I'm completely obsessed over (this picture does not do it justice) ...

7 West
Wayne, PA

And a kitchen redo with this as our inspiration --which I LOVE!!
Cost of decorating a room


Ever wonder what it costs to redo an entire room over from top to bottom? 
Well, awhile back the amazing Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home wrote a fantastic article on this very subject. She gives examples of low, medium and high decorating options.
Check it out here! And poke around her site a bit --Lauren is an incredible designer with such a generous spirit!
Thanks for reading! xoxo!
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  1. I got to see her speak in person about her new line at the High Point furniture show back in April.

    1. Kim, so lucky!! I just love her style and everything about her. Did you see her new line? thanks again for taking the time to read this!

  2. Exciting projects!!! I hope we'll get to see more of them. :) And, in fact, I did once wear a ball gown to the office, covered in red nail polish for Halloween (I was Stephen King's Carrie...)


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