Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Full on double rainbow and a few obsessions!

This coffee table
Layla Grace

This Cuff

 Shop Suey

 This Joie Dress

It has a great, comfy fit.
Love it in coral but need it in navy!
 These Easy Breezy Sandals in Nude. Obsessed.

Tory Burch
This Headboard

With this bedding

Both From Biscuit Bedding
This T-shirt
Because I am.


This Artist

I love her abstracts. Liza is an amazingly talented and accomplished artist. And ...

remember this post on what to place on those big empty wall spaces? Well, I found just the thing.

40 x 30

This piece would look AMAZING paired with that emerald green coffee table, right?
24 x 24
Pocket Full of Posies
24 x 30

Can't decide on which one because I love them all!

 You need to check out Liza's facebook page here and contact her directly for pricing and commissioned pieces!!

 This has absolutely zero to do with design but I was dropping my son off at soccer practice and captured none other than the elusive double rainbow.

Fur realz.

Full on, intense double rainbow
Chesterbrook, PA at Wilson Park
But do yourself a solid and PLEASE watch this youtube video on this double rainbow experience.
You will cry laughing.
If you've already seen it watch it again it will instantly lift your mood!
And warning ... you'll want to have whatever he's having;)

What? You didn't watch? c'mon you will not regret it!
If your on your phone go here...

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  1. You are so funny! Love this post! You could totally DIY that headboard -- or if you lived near me, I'd just make it for you. :)

  2. Thanks Leslie! Wish I were as talented as you but sad to say I am not:( Thanks for poppin' in

  3. Yes! Want all. Love that Joie dress!

    1. I know... joie dress and shoes are awesome and tables not so bad either!

  4. Saw the same quote "Every Day I'm Hustling" on a pillow on Instagram the other day (pillow from Etsy shop @michelle_dwight). Thinkin' I may have to pick it up myself :)

    1. gotta love that right? may have to get the pillow too... but thought it was much funnier if I wore it for a day!

  5. I love rainbows, and that video is hilarious! He's just so excited!! Great roundup; I want all of it! :)


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