Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Four fantastic ways to make your walls sing!

What are your thoughts on wide-open wall spaces?
I have a basement with lots of wall space and it's screaming for somethin'.
But what? Here are the ideas I'm considering...
 One Large Piece of Artwork

via 10 Rooms

How cool would this be above a sofa?

This is a real place!  Lac Rose, or Lake Retba, situated north of the Cap Vert in Senegal
via 10 Rooms

The Everygirl

I'm also kinda into the grid thing

Tobi Farley


How about plates? naaah - too formal for my basement. But I do likey!
simply seleta

Maybe I'll mix it Up with a Gallery Wall?

pure style home

otherwise noted all images via pinterst

OK I think I've got a plan!

What's your favorite way to decorate those vast wall spaces surrounding you?
 Not sure what to do with your big empty wall?

Contact me at kraussteph@yahoo.com and we can work on it together!

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  1. I love this! A gallery wall speaks to me. One large piece is such a committment and I like so many things!
    xo Nancy

    1. I do love a good gallery wall - especially for a basement! Have a great fourth!

  2. I love every option. That's my problem when it comes to art - I become paralyzed with indecision and end up with more blank walls in my house than I'd like!

  3. I always make it easy on myself and do one big piece of art!

  4. Great selection! My favorite has to be the second to last with the large photo of divers (?) surrounded by a gallery wall. Can't wait to see the big reveal! :)

    1. I know isn't that a cool photo who ever would have thought? But great for a beach house!

  5. first of all - i love your line at the end? got a big wall? we'll work it out together. I LOVE THAT!

    Number two - I am such a sucker for a big piece of statement art. i just love that. goodluck to you - im sure you'll pick great!

  6. I have a big long wall that I hung several random pictures on - gallery style and I love it. I also love really big and tight grid installation but that requires a more curated collection.

    1. Agreed Kim! Thanks for stopping over here and reading my blog!!


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