Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Things I'm all about this week...

How cute are the royal couple with their new baby?

I mean seriously???
Look at them.
And Kate's hair?



You can get Kate's similar polka dot look here or here.

Thin lips? Whaaaat??... yes, I have thin lips. But not any more... not since I watched this video. Check it here.
on your phone? click here
I wore this dress over the weekend. LOVE. It's soooo pretty and it was on sale to boot. Score one for me.
I'm obsessing over this wallpaper that was featured by Beth Connolly on Chinoiserie Chic.
I don't know what's beyond that entry I just know I want to live there. It's navy and white perfection.
I managed to throw these flowers together for my goddaughter's christening this weekend.

Fun and girly aren't they?
 You can never go wrong with white and various shades of green and pink. All of these flowers came from Produce Junction and cost $35 in total. Love that place.
Also coveting my friends fire table from RH
Fabulous, right? I want to roast marshmallows here. Among other things.  If you want to pull the trigger on it go here.
And these jeweled-tone pieces for fall?
tory burch
Yep, I said fall.
Thanks for reading!! xoxo


  1. They couldn't be more adorable! Your flowers are completely amazing, they look SO thrown together! NOT!! And, I'm loving that cute top from Gap!

  2. They are completely, totally adorable! :) Your Tibi dress must have looked gorgeous with those flowers! Wow!! And I'm really digging that wallpaper; I think I repinned this from you! Have a great day!

  3. Can't believe that you did those flowers - they are gorgeous! My flower arranging skills are limited to plunking a few in a mason jar (and I can't even do that right!). Also loving that fire table - wish I could find that sucker on major sale!

  4. Those arrangements are gorgeous! You could have another career as a florist! :)
    That wallpaper is to die for too.

    1. I may need a second career soon... My oldest is going to highschool soon!

  5. you have a great blog ^ ^
    you want to follow each other?
    follow me and let me know with a comment
    and follow you too :))


  6. What a fun round up! Yes too early to say fall... although school starts for my son in 2 weeks! I LOVE the flowers! Amazing job in arrangement! I want to go to that flower place weekly! Nor Cal needs something like that!

  7. Two weeks? No fun:(. Us east coasters have another months at least! Thanks for reading:)

  8. I love that couple. They really look like they are in love. You rocked that flower arrangement.

  9. Those flower arrangements are fabulous and fun, Stephanie!! Love that cute moss bag container. Enjoy your goddaughter's christening!!
    x Loi


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