Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Guess who I was hobnobbing with?



Anna Spiro
House of Turquoise
 Photos brought to you by this spring weather:)
So I wanted to do some client shopping and I popped over to Hob Nob Home in Wayne.

Found lots of goodies that I wanted to share with you. Not to mention everything is on sale ... and who doesn't love a sale? 

Here's what went down...

Oh, for the love of lacquer!
White lacquer mirror - perfect for above a console $562

For my mudroom

Love the pop of orange! mirror $329
For when Morris Day comes to visit
I will already have the "Time" - remember that group/song?, no?
(sorry I'm a HUGE Purple Rain/Prince fan)

Instead of the overly done x-benches
(hey, I'm guilty too)

For the basement or kids room
Why not spray-paint these a fun color ... hot pink or bright blue?
 $28.75 each

I'd style this tray as a bar cart with pretty glasses and lots of liquor!

A chalkboard for my kitchen so we could leave each
other love notes:)
For my shore house or guest bedroom

Each framed seagull print is only $12.75. You could buy all nine and group them together above a bed or table in a beach house/guest room for less than $115

And for when I just feel like horsin' around

 You can check out their website for more details here.

Random Thoughts

This is what I normally use

You can buy it here.

But lately, I'm thinking I need something stronger than tinted moisturizer for my aging skin:) Plus, I'm always losing it... leaving it at the shore ... throwing it under my sink and never can seem to find it when I need it. So, I finally learned to always have a drugstore backup. This is what I use when I can't find the above...

You can buy it here.

Works REALLY well - may even provide better coverage than the above. And just a dab will do (just like we learned in kindergarten). 

Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me on a new foundation/tinted moisturizer? My aging skin will thank you!!

Just inbox me and I will share with my readers!!

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