Friday, April 19, 2013

Who Lives Here?

Praying for our friends in Boston. Please keep everyone safe today.

Take a gander at my curated collection of  
There-is-no-way-children-or-dogs-live-here rooms

all images via pinteerst

Am I white or am I right?

I would love to have an all white house with painted wood floors. Doesn't it look so relaxing and serene? sighhhhhh ... someday.
I would need a full time staff just to keep up with the mud and grime that would plague me, and honestly, ... aint nobody got time for that.

But I do want to let you in on a little secret about these spaces ... in reality, most of these rooms don't even look like these rooms.

It's kind of like celebrities before and after a makeup artist gets a hold of them. Most of the beautiful rooms we see in magazines are photographed and styled by serious professionals (see some below).

Scott and Emily have worked at Martha Stewart Living and countless other place on styling photo shoots -- not sure who the other guy is???

Before a magazine shoot, stylists and decorators come in and remove clutter, change out rugs, add accessories, side tables etc. And the photographers -- well they can transform any room into a work of art with lighting and their mad photography skillz. It's basically like airbrusing for your home!

Feel better? No?

Do you know there is an entire website dedicated to poking fun at the way stylists arrange a room for catalog/magazine photo shoots?

It's called Catalog Living ... a glimpse into the exciting world of  the people living in your catalogs. Check it out here. Total silliness.

Stuff I'm loving

This Flooring

Could my love affair with dark hardwood floors be over?


I don't know these are looking mighty good to me. Pretty french oak flooring ... possibly in a distressed grayish finish? I've been seeing it all over the shelter magazines.

MUCH easier to  maintain ... would hide the dirt ... the dog could do 360's and I think it would actually make the floor look better??? What do you think?

This outdoor fabric
Windsor Smith for Kravet

Lisa Mende Design


But I could be biased...

My chairs
This Throw

But this is always on my list so you can just ignore it.

This necklace

These Plates

This Book

This Hair



Speaking of hair, I have a confession to make I have frizzy, curly uncontrollable locks. I love them but every once in awhile I feel the need to get my hair straightened.

I go to Salon Ziza in Ardmore to get a process called Lazzio (not sure of spelling) so that my hair is summer-ready. Gone are the days of waiting three days to wash your hair to get that sleek smooth straight hair -- its only 24 hours now.

They do an amazing job -- also, wait -- are you sitting down? Salon Ziza offers a rewards program where you can get a shampoo, express conditioner and an amazing blow dry for $20! Yep - doesn't get any better than that my friends. Now there are specific rules that apply in order to receive this discounted price but call them and they will explain. BEST DEAL IN TOWN!

Ok, bye for now -- next time we are going to discuss outdoor rooms-- so fun!!


  1. Count me in with the frizzy curly hair group!!! Love the all white rooms but with 2 dogs....kind of impossible:)

  2. OMG those white rooms! No joke!

  3. I know. Don't you love the all white? Never in my life either -- can't imagine life without a dog...


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