Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Let 's break it down at deconstructed living

Love everything about this

And this little hideaway? ... please. I would never leave.
The Zhush

And this....

Via Design Mom

Hilarious, right? space suit duvet ... available from Snurk for horizontal living. No joke that's their tag line.

So anyway.... I popped into deconstructed living today in Wayne, PA. Wow! What a change of pace -- loved all of the unique items I found. 

For my entry

For my walls

For the playroom

This picture doesn't do these rugs justice. They are nubby and comfy and full of texture!

For my orchids
$100 - would be great with succulents too!

For my beach trips
$40 extremely large and roomy!

To feed my bird addiction
For my hostess
Recycled wine bottle candles $30
Favorite scent for spring? Pinot Grigio of course!

and for my love of all things Philly

Look closely and you can see the outline of the city

This is just a tiny snapshot of items they have so please
go and check out deconstructed living's new and reclaimed/recycled one of a kind items. It's definitely worth the trip!

Don't live near here? No problem! Check out their website here and pop some tags online!

***disclaimer*** all product selections on my blog are my own opinions/recommendations or recommendations by friends. I am not paid to say any of this stuff. trust me. I wish I were!

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  1. Wonderful~tips for any trips~
    love and have a few of those items...


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