Monday, April 1, 2013

Quick tip of the day...

In my opinion, when buying pillows for your sofa be sure to add a few substantial ones to the mix.  I'm talking 26" x 26" substantial. It will give your sofa a more luxurious designer feel.


Here's my formula...

26" x 26" Imperial Trellis in Trelliage/Ivory
Schumacher custom made at


22" x 22" Chiang Mai Dragon
Schumacher custom made at


Coral Border Pillow
Caitlin Wilson
14" x 20"

Oh, and let's not forget about pattern. I used one solid pillow and two patterned pillows that relate to each other. This color and pattern combination is a perfect mix for spring.

But how do I make my pillows look so full and luxurious?  Inserts my dear. For example if you have a 22" x 22" pillow cover go for a 24" x 24" feather down blend insert. Your pillow will always look full and need less primping! You can buy the inserts online at Pottery Barn.
So, let's recap and put into practice ... for a large comfy couch I would use two (26" x 26") pillows on either end. Two (22" x 22") and one (14" x 20") in the middle. Done!

Why do I seem so stuck on pillows? They are the least expensive way to change the look of your room and I definitely have a hard core addiction to them.

Here's a few combo's I've selected for you from Etsy--you just have to add the solid. Also, most Etsy sellers  will with work with you on custom pillow sizes ...


All can be purchased here at whitlock & co.

Ok, ok, too much color how about these?

Caitlin Wilson Textiles 24 x 24 $70.00

Caitlin Wilson Textiles 14 x 20 $45.00

 Until next time!

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