Monday, April 8, 2013

Shut the Front Door!

It's the perfect time of year to paint our front door. Here's some inspiration.

In memory of Lilly Pulitzer ... a few Lilly-inspired color choices.

In memory of Margaret Thatcher ... a few front doors found in London.


My top four tips in painting your front door:

Tip#1 - Choose your color wisely.

Examine the color and undertones found in your facade, trim, walkway and shutters.  And don't forget to take into consideration whether or not you will be painting the inside of your door.  I wrote about painting interior doors here.

Black is always a safe and classic choice. It also looks great painted on the interior. 

My Home

But how fun would it be to paint the outside/inside of your front door in a bright yellow or blue??

Tip #2 Get samples. Lots of them.

The Home Depot sells sample pots of paint for only $2.99. Just bring your Benjamin Moore, Pratt and Lambert, etc. paint chip in and they will color match it. And if you're like me you are going to get LOTS of samples. What I LOVE about their sample pots is that they are inexpensive, small, plastic and easy to store.

Tip #3 - Use high-gloss paint. Enough said.

Tip #4 - Hire a professional - you will always get the best result!!

Guess what else I'm doing?

I'm designing this room for the most amazing client. Can't wait to show you before and afters. It's gonna be awhile though they are doing a huge addition and we are designing like seven rooms together! I mean ... she will be living there. I will just be designing them:(

I'm also ...

Spring Cleaning with a BAGSTER.  Love this idea.

You can go to your local Home Depot and buy a nylon dumpster bag for $29.99 and the BAGSTER company will pick it up when you're finished.

You can read about about it here.  Pick up in our area is $144.00. Not a bad price, right?

Thanks to two of my stylish gal pals who suggested these topics to me this weekend. If you have a topic you are interested in me researching or if you'd like me to design a room for you contact me at


  1. Thanks for your tips, Stephanie! In choosing the color of your front door, you must consider the entire home exterior. Your front door must be very welcoming, but not to the point that it will destroy the exterior design of your house. Asking for professional help is the best thing that you can do to ensure a job well done.

    -Roofing and More Inc.

  2. wow fantastic post love the color doors and thanks for sharing with valuable post, Great job keep it up..

  3. What an adorable view! The position of the door and window is very ideal. Also, the window panes are just right to let in the right amount of ventilation.


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