Monday, April 15, 2013

I just planned your next girls night out!

Guess where I went that you NEED to go?

Nope, not a chair convention.

It's a quick drive to Terrain in Glen Mills, PA and for those of you who don't know Terrain is a home and garden store owned by Urban Outfitters. As soon as you walk in you get that Anthropologie-Urban-Outfittery-vibe.  It's a cool place to shop, have lunch and get inspired. The cool factor can not be overstated here.

Here's a few things that caught my eye

Before I continue... how about a quick test?  
Get out your #2 sharpened pencils.

Peonies. Real or fake?

Ranunculus. Real or fake?

Obviously,  that was a total setup. Both fake. They look convincingly real in person. Don't be surprised when you visit and my table is sporting a bouquet of peonies and ranunculus. 

And, don't even try and call me out on it!!:) 

Hmmmm...thought I could reproduce this one with some twigs and branches, yes? no?

Could I re-create this hot little number for summer?

No? You're probably right, but what if I have a trick up my sleeve?

Like these....
faux succulents

I was scared to even glance at this live topiary . With my black thumb it may die on the spot, but she was a beauty.

And if that's not enough, they have this...

The best little cafe/restaurant.

There are only two of these stores in the whole US of A - and we are lucky enough to live near one. So what are you gals waiting for? Call some friends and make it a date for this weekend! 

If you don't live near here check out Terrain's website here.

New to me!

I spotted these. It was like Christmas morn' all over again. These are the highly coveted Knoll Wassily Chairs that sell for about $2300 each.

They are at Velvet Shoestrings right now for $764 per chair ... that's just crazy talk.

Haven't been to Velvet Shoestrings yet? Well its a consignment shop that excepts only high-quality, stylish,  pre-owned furniture and accessories. You can check out their website here.

Before you go --look around your house for accessories and furnishings your not using or just plain tired of. Bring the items to the store and they will give you a price and explain their pricing policy to you. 

Here's a tip --do some research ahead of time and determine how much you are willing to accept for the piece or how much it's worth to you and write it down so you are prepared when you go in!

I'd like to hear from you ...what do you do with your old accessories and furniture pieces?? Do you store them, give them way, or sell them on craig's list or at a consignment shop?

Happy selling ... until next time!


  1. looks cool! I just checked out their site! Thanks for the heads up:)

  2. OMIGOSH that store looks awesome! I'm dying for all the gorgeous (faux) plants and groupings. I definitely think you could recreate these, and make it even prettier =)

    And I usually donate my excess stuff to charities =)

    xox Linda


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